How to sew perfect corners in minutes: the technique taught by seamstresses demonstrates

Needle and thread are not easy for everyone, especially if you have to sew the corners. Let’s see below the technique used by seamstresses. 

Sewing your own clothes to make them look more beautiful and fitted is a virtue, but it is not always easy to put into practice.

Sew the corners

Not everyone knows how to sew. Wrinkles on pants, corners, buttons, etc. they certainly don’t sew themselves. Still,   there are times when anyone needs to grab a needle and thread   to sew, at the last second, a finishing touch to their look so they don’t look super sloppy.

Those who have had the opportunity (or still have the opportunity) to have grandmothers and mothers capable of sewing with their eyes closed, can easily have the fastest sewing techniques explained to them. Those who, on the other hand, are struggling with sewing corners can follow the technique stolen from seamstresses that we will explain below.


seamstress makeup

First,   take measurements   of what you are going to cover and measure the height of the sides with a ruler. For example, a table may be approximately 8 inches thick. With a pencil, draw dots to locate the 8 centimeters, in the lower left corner of your cloth scarf. After taking the points, draw the lines with the pencil. You will get a square.

With fabric scissors, cut out the square thus obtained. At this point, fold the two edges of the square on the left over the fabric and run them under the sewing machine to assemble them, both the right and wrong sides. You will cut the excess fabric with scissors. The distance from the edge should be   about 0.5 cm   .

You will finish the fabric under the sewing machine by folding the corners over on themselves half a centimeter twice. The corner has just been created.


The small square obtained previously must be sewn under the machine, folding the ends and obtaining a small triangle. Be careful to leave an open hole unstitched. Once you have the triangle, place it under the corner previously obtained with the fabric and   pass everything under the machine   . The little triangle will go to the top of the corner.

One side of the small triangle will fall on one side of the corner and one side on the other. In this way, the square obtained previously will serve   as the base for your corner   . This technique will be used to sew sheets, tablecloths, sofa covers, etc. It can be applied to fabrics that will cover something with corners.

Once you learn this technique, you will also find it very easy to sew the corners. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always do it by hand, which will take a little more time.