How to speed up WiFi at home? Say goodbye to slow connections

Over the years, every home has been equipped with an Internet connection through a WiFi router. But not all routers are the same. In other words, even if you have a state-of-the-art router, that doesn’t always mean a lightning-fast connection.

The performance of your router depends on several factors. But you won’t be in this situation for long, because I’m going to teach you a trick that can multiply the speed of your home WiFi by 3.

Discover this foolproof method that you can try yourself at home to enjoy a super-fast connection in your home. Guaranteed results!

Increase your WiFi speed with a can of drink!

First of all, you have to have a can of beer or soda in your hands.
Next, remove the metal from the top of the can to open it.
Next, carefully cut the bottom end with scissors to obtain the side parts that cover the body of the can.
Now insert the hole through which the liquid comes out into the device’s antennas.
Remove them to obtain a half-moon shape.
Then use tape to secure them in place.
Check your connection speed to see if there has been an improvement or not.
Other techniques that work to speed up your Internet connection

Reinicia tu router

Fed up with the very slow WiFi speed at home? You may be neglecting this advice, although it can come in handy if you have this problem.

Just unplug and restart your router or modem for 1 minute. It’s not enough to press the on/off button! You have to unplug it completely.

This method deletes the internal cache and allows you to perform any available updates. After 1 minute, you can reconnect the router and check if your connection is still slow or not.

Clear browser cache

To overcome the problem of slow connection at home, you can clear the cache that stores the content of websites. The procedure differs between Google, Firefox and Chrome.

However, all you have to do is find the clear button to delete all browsing data and get a smoother browser and therefore a faster connection.