This is how to clean plastic containers stained with sauce and grease! In just 5 seconds, they will be like new!

Check out this super easy tip to help you wash heavily soiled containers. They will be like new in the blink of an eye.

Airtight containers are very useful for preserving food in the refrigerator or for transporting it while traveling. They are essential to keep food hygienic and fresh. But the only problem is that these containers remain dirty with a layer of grease even after being washed for a long time.×250.png

It is a fairly common problem, and we do not dare to use them again when they are still dirty. When washed by hand or in the dishwasher, it is very difficult to remove grease and sauce stains from plastic food containers.

To leave them sparkling, it is not necessary to resort to chemical products, which are notoriously harmful and exorbitantly expensive. Just visit the social network TikTok, which often unveils amazing videos to help you get rid of some of the hassles of everyday life.

This is the case of @lifehack.mokim11. This user just shared a simple and ingenious remedy to clean those containers stained with sauce and grease.

If you wash dirty containers this way, they will be sparkling clean in seconds!

The internet is full of tips to take care of your home in the best possible way. As we are always in a hurry and short on time, you can find some brilliant tips online to simplify everyday household tasks. This tip is to thoroughly clean plastic containers dirty with sauce and grease.

To thoroughly clean a plastic container stained with grease and sauce, tiktokeur Mokim Lifehacks has revealed a few simple steps. You don’t need a sponge or dishwasher.

Open the container and place a towel with a few drops of detergent inside.
Close the bottle with its lid and shake it vigorously.
After a few seconds, open it and rinse it under the tap.
After these simple steps, he admires the result: a perfectly clean can without traces of grease or sauce.

You have not needed a sponge or any special cleaning product. In fact, liquid detergent is a great degreaser for removing grease stains.