How to thoroughly clean your washing machine so that no lint remains on your clothes: 3 infallible tricks

The washing machine is one of the most useful appliances that can make household chores easier, especially when you need to wash quilts and duvets, which become heavier when wet. However, with every wash cycle, dirt accumulates, which can damage the clothes and impair the function of the washing machine.

To extend the life of your washing machine, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Cleaning removes dirt and detergent residues , creating a kind of thin film that traps bacteria, creating a perfect environment for bad odors to develop.

Bacteria and mold that form on the washing machine filter and gasket are resistant to heat and harsh detergents and ultimately clog the washing machine’s internal mechanisms or attach to and damage clothing.

Clean the washing machine with white vinegar

White vinegar disinfects thoroughly and its acidity helps remove dirt residue. It also helps deodorize your entire washing machine.

Fill the washing machine with hot water, add 750ml white vinegar and wash briefly. Once the wash cycle is complete, add 150 grams of sodium bicarbonate and run another wash cycle.

When you’re finished, leave the washing machine door open so it can dry thoroughly. Repeat once a month.

Clean the washing machine gasket with lemon and hydrogen peroxide

One of the parts of the washing machine that is most susceptible to mold and bad smells due to the high amount of moisture is the rubber seal.

After putting on the gloves, add 100 ml of lemon juice, 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 3 liters of water to a container and mix well.

Apply the ecological disinfectant you have just prepared with a sponge and rub it well. Make sure to remove all residue and dirt. Finally dry well.

Now that you know how to clean the washing machine thoroughly, we are sure that your clothes will be cleaner, lint-free and very fragrant .