How to whiten mattresses and pillows without bleach: 2 infallible tricks

A completely clean bed is essential for our rest. Dust and dead cells tend to accumulate on pillows and mattresses, providing a perfect habitat for mites to multiply and negatively impact our health.

Dust mites are very small insects that feed on the dead cells in our skin. They can cause skin and respiratory problems, especially in those suffering from allergies, rhinitis or asthma. Therefore, it is important to have perfectly clean pillows and mattresses .

You have probably noticed that mattresses and pillows tend to change color over time and become darker or more yellowish. This is caused by our sweat seeping through the sheets and causing stains on the surfaces underneath.

It is important to change the bedding at least once a week and clean the mattress and pillows at least three times a year. Below we recommend two tricks for a spotlessly clean bed in which you can get a well-deserved and healthy rest.

To whiten pillows you will need:

3 liters of water
100 ml hydrogen peroxide
the juice of 5 lemons
200 grams of detergent
200 grams of dishwashing liquid
125 Gramm Borax
Mix the 3 liters of water with hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. Make sure your pillows’ labels say they can be machine washed and remove covers or other protectors from the pillows.

Fill the washer with hot water, add laundry detergent, dish soap, and borax, making sure they dissolve completely.

Place the pillows in the washing machine and run a wash cycle. The result will leave you speechless.

To whiten the mattress you will need:

200 ml white vinegar
200 ml hydrogen peroxide
Remove excess dust from the mattress with a semi-damp cloth. If the mattress has stains, remove them with a solution of water and baking soda, spray on the stain and rub with a sponge.

In a container, mix the white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Dampen a cloth with this solution and rub it well over the mattress until the yellowish spots completely disappear.

Open the bedroom window to allow air to circulate and allow the mattress to dry.

Now that you know how to deep clean and brighten your mattress and pillows , you can try the two tricks to get the rest you deserve.