How to turn a simple water bottle into a super effective fly trap?

With the arrival of high temperatures, it is impossible not to have these unwelcome guests, who spoil both the relaxing moment in front of the television and the lunch in the garden. With the arrival of the summer heat, the flies also return with the season.

To scare them away, you don’t need to spray them with chemical insecticides, which only wreak havoc on you and the environment.

Instead of chemicals, let yourself be impressed by this foolproof remedy that allows you to repel these insects forever. Finally, you can regain some peace of mind by making this DIY trap to catch flies without hurting them.

How to make this fly trap to catch those annoying insects?

Today we share an ingenious idea to get rid of flies in your house. Very simple to make, this DIY trap uses very few ingredients that you already have at home.

It involves turning a plastic water bottle into a very effective trap that attracts flies like a magnet. It’s a bit unusual idea, but it really works to get rid of these unwanted insects.

The steps to follow are those

Take a 1.5 liter plastic water bottle and draw a line around the bottle just below the neck with a permanent marker.
Next, with a sharp serrated knife, cut along the line you drew on the top of the bottle. – We recommend that you do it on a cutting board to ensure that you make a good cut.
Next, take the top part of the bottle, remove the cork and place it on the other part of the bottle. You now have a kind of funnel for your fly trap.
Once the funnel is in place, you have to remove it to put the bait inside the other part of the bottle. To do this, you must take into account the preferences of the flies. There is plenty to choose from, from slightly overripe fruit to a 50/50 mix of water and sugar, water mixed with honey, fruit juice or maple syrup.
When the bait is ready, replace the funnel and you have a working fly trap.
If you want to hang the trap, make two small holes on opposite sides of the top of the bottle. Then thread a piece of wire through the holes and hang the trap on a tree branch or somewhere else.