How unusual! Dust and clean your blinds with an old sock in just 3 moves!

Windows and blinds are the parts of the house that accumulate the most dust and dirt. This is because they are exposed to the outside and, therefore, to pollution and various climatic risks.

Blinds are difficult to clean because the slats are often inaccessible and dust accumulates on them.

Have you used a spatula or wipes, but the result is still unsatisfactory?

Here’s an unusual trick that will surely surprise you!

What utensils should I use?

To clean and dust your blinds and windows, just grab an old sock that you no longer use. This accessory must be clean and smooth so as not to scratch the material.

For optimal effectiveness, you can use white vinegar to clean and keep your blinds shiny for a long time.

How do you clean blinds?

Whatever the material of your blinds, they are household items that require the same care. You just have to follow these steps to clean them successfully.

Grab an old, clean sock from your drawers.

Put it on your hand like a glove.

Slide your socked hand between the hard-to-reach blades to remove dust.

You can soak the sock in vinegar to help clean your blinds.

In just 3 moves, your blinds will be clean and shiny. Dust, dirt and even bacteria are neutralized in no time.

You will have saved a lot of time and money, because it cost you almost nothing.