How to unclog shower head holes and increase water pressure

You may have noticed that the pressure of the water coming out of the shower head is getting lower and lower, perhaps attributing the phenomenon to a problem throughout the house or condominium.

In reality, much of the time this problem is caused by limescale buildup between the holes in the shower head. Some of these holes even end up getting completely clogged, preventing water from escaping.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve this problem with do-it-yourself tricks that not only clean the surface of the shower head, but also allow us to unclog the holes and get back to optimal water pressure.

To clean a stationary shower head:

Fill a plastic bag halfway with vinegar.
Insert the shower head into the plastic bag and secure it with a string.
Let the shower head soak overnight.
The next morning remove the bag and scrub the showerhead with a toothbrush.
Finally, turn on the faucet and run the water for a few minutes.
Vinegar is one of the most effective ingredients for removing mineral residues that are the main cause of clogged shower head holes.

To clean a removable shower head:

Remove it from its place and place it under running water, but in reverse (the holes should face the water jet).
Rinse until all surface residue of lime scale and dirt is removed.
Soak the showerhead in a container full of vinegar overnight.
The next day scrub it with a toothbrush, then rinse it as you did in step 1.
Now that you know how to unblock holes in your shower head, try applying this method right away to get back to satisfactory water pressure.