How to use yellow soap balls to do laundry

One of the household chores to which we dedicate the most time and attention is undoubtedly laundry. Not only because we want to protect our clothes , but also for a question of hygiene and, obviously, cleanliness.

Most of us (if not all), use the classic combination of detergent and fabric softener to do laundry , perhaps adding a stain remover for certain types of clothes.

However, there are many other alternatives that allow us to obtain even better results, and one of these is grandma’s classic yellow soap .

Even if your grandmother didn’t use yellow soap, you will surely have seen it on supermarket shelves, and maybe you will have even wondered what it is for.

Below we explain how to produce single-dose balls of yellow soap for doing laundry and to use as an alternative to classic laundry detergent, obtaining even better results in terms of cleaning.

How to make yellow soap balls

The process is very simple: just take a stick of yellow soap and cut it into many different pieces and roll them into balls with your hands until you get the desired shape and size.

Store the yellow soap balls in an airtight container, making sure to leave space between one ball and another to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Store yellow soap balls in a cool place away from sunlight.

How to use yellow soap balls

The use of yellow balls is even simpler than their preparation. Since they are single-dose balls, just insert them directly into the washing machine drum.

For larger loads you can also use two balls.

Once the wash cycle is finished, the laundry will be fragrant and very clean even without using fabric softener .