how to wash sweaters without shrinking or damaging them

A fundamental element of the winter wardrobe are   sweaters   , important to protect us from the cold when we are not at home.

However, being made of wool, they are often at risk of shrinking or damage, especially when harvested a year after the change of season.

In order not to risk the annoying  “tingling” effect   and not to strain them, let’s see together   how to wash and soften them with natural and effective remedies!

natural fabric softener

By using a   natural fabric softener,   you can take an important first step toward washing your sweaters perfectly.

Very often, the dosage and type of fabric softener used weighs down the fabric, which then infiltrates the fibers and hardens the jerseys and sometimes even smells bad.

In this sense, prepare a mixture by mixing   150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water   and adding   10 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Pour about   100 ml of product into each wash   and you will see that the sweaters will be very soft and fluffy!


Another ingredient that you cannot do without in household chores, whether in the washing machine or at home, is   vinegar   !

Many people choose it today   to always leave the environment impeccable   and it is excellent for not having scratchy sweaters during the winter.

Use it by adding   1 cup of product with 1 teaspoon of essential oils   instead of fabric softener and you will see that the sweaters will always be soft!

If you use colored apple cider vinegar, you can also brighten the color of sweaters!


Salt   is   a product whose thousand potentialities are being discovered more and more!

Among these we can undoubtedly mention   the efficiency that we obtain if we use it in the washing machine   and in this case to avoid having rough jerseys.

It’s not exactly a natural water softener like vinegar or citric acid, but it’s great for reducing the “heaviness” of water.

Use it by placing   1 single dose of product in   the washing machine drum and you will see what an excellent result!

Sodium bicarbonate

A grandmother’s remedy that is still present in homes today is   baking soda!

In the washing machine   it is used for many reasons,   from empty clothes to yellowed bleaching kits.

You can also choose it to care for your sweaters by placing   1 measuring cup of baking soda directly into the drum   and launching a delicate wash at not too high temperatures.

Sweaters will be comfortable and soft again!


It may sound strange to you, but the world’s most famous citrus is a powerful ally in the washing machine, especially   for softening rough, tight fabrics like sweaters!

You will simply have to use   2 tablespoons of perfectly filtered lemon juice in the softener tray   always with very delicate washes.

In addition, this remedy will also guarantee an excellent fragrance that will refresh the sweaters. If you want another type of aroma, also add   1 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice   .

How to remove lint

If they are felt?

For one reason or another, it can always happen that   sweaters become stiff or feel   unwearable.

If this has happened to you too, it means that you need a   specific remedy that can soften the fibers again and   give new life to the sweaters.

For this reason, let’s take a look at ancient and timeless remedies together!

a coffee with milk

Milk is a  fantastic natural emollient  that is used for many different purposes and of course to soften sweaters too!

First it will be necessary   to moisten the sweater with cold water   and press it lightly, then pour  1 or 2 glasses of milk over it   (depending on the size of the sweater) and massage for a few minutes.

Pour cold water into a container, pour the sweater inside and   let it soak for 5 or 6 hours   , still massaging from time to time.

After the necessary time, you will only have to   rinse with plenty of water   and wash in the washing machine.


Just as it softens hair,   conditioner does the same thing for sweaters that have become rough!

Its use is very simple and you will have to follow more or less the same steps as for milk: then moisten the sweater, spread about   2 lemon balm nuts on it   and   massage for at least 5 minutes straight   .

Then let the sweater soak in cold water,   remembering to go and massage it for 1 minute every half hour.

Leave it for 5 hours then rinse it with plenty of water without squeezing too much, then wash it in the washing machine.


To always have impeccable sweaters, it is important to wash them following the washing labels.