Tights are an elegant and refined accessory that complete outfits, giving a unique, fascinating and timeless touch of elegance!

The problem, however, is that they fray into nothing , leaving you with an ugly, unsightly tear even on the most important evenings.

However, we can use some very clever tricks that can help preserve the integrity of these delicate garments. We will discover together how to wash tights so they don’t slip off , guaranteeing an impeccable look and a feeling of safety in every step!

Read the label

Reading the label before washing your tights is important to prevent them from coming off or getting ruined over time.

Tights, being made of very fragile fabrics, may require delicate washing , carried out at low and specific temperatures.

Even more, machine washing may be prohibited to favor only hand washing. This solution certainly would not damage the material the tights are made of.


Referring to what we just said, it is very likely that the label tells you that the tights require hand washing .

At this point it is important to use cold water and grated Marseille soap . It is also important to avoid rubbing your tights, as this can damage them.

Fill a basin with cold water, add 2 tablespoons of Marseille soap flakes and 1 tablespoon of baking soda . Leave to soak for 3 hours, then rinse without wringing too much and let it dry in the sun.

And in the washing machine?

Not all labels may say hand wash, and if machine washing is ok ?

Well, at this point it will be essential to use a delicate program for synthetic garments; wash briefly and above all at moderate temperatures (maximum 30°).

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Be careful not to wash tights with clothing that has buttons, rhinestones, and other small items, or the fabric will get trapped inside and tear in no time.

No to the dryer

If you have a dryer at home, you will surely fall in love with it, because it makes everything easier!

Well, as fundamental and convenient as it is, the dryer cannot be used with particularly delicate fabrics, and tights are undoubtedly among these.

In fact, to prevent them from slipping off, you will have to dry them at home or in the open air , otherwise the heat could permanently damage the fabric and ruin your tights.

But do not worry! Since they are very thin cotton, you will have no problem having them dry after a few hours.

Store properly

One thing that our Grandmothers also teach over time is to properly store clothes so that they last a long time.

Tights are not excluded from this discussion, indeed they need to be looked after even more so as not to lead to ruin : but how?

The first thing to do is check that they are not near heat sources; furthermore it is advisable to put them inside a bag or in a specific divider, so they are protected from dust and cannot get caught in other clothes.

Always fold them well and you will see that they will always be fantastic!

More tips for tights

I can’t leave you without giving you other tips on tights that will be invaluable in preventing them from coming off over time:

  • avoid wearing tights for more than a day;
  • do not wear tights when playing sports or when exposed to high temperatures;
  • do not use creams or lotions on your legs before wearing tights.