How to whiten clothes and remove old yellow stains

White clothes are very elegant, but they have only one flaw:  they tend to yellow  over time. These annoying stains are mainly caused by our sweat, and as time goes by they become increasingly difficult to remove.

Fortunately, you don’t need to use bleach or other chemicals to remove these types of stains. Below we list some equally effective home tricks against  yellow stains on white clothes  .

Sodium bicarbonate

Very useful in household cleaning, baking soda has the ability to remove stains without damaging clothing in any way, as is the case with most industrial products.

Apply baking soda directly to the stains to remove them and lighten the garment. Baking soda also works on grease stains.


It is another versatile and useful product in home cleaning. It can also be used to whiten clothes and remove yellow stains.

Fill a bucket with water and add 250 ml of white vinegar. Immerse the white object in the solution and leave it for about an hour.

Once the pre-established time has passed, wash the garment normally: it will be as good as new.

Sun exposure

There is no doubt: the sun plays a very important role in bleaching white clothes.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but sun exposure is very effective in returning white clothes to their original appearance. Apply a neutral detergent to your clothes and leave them exposed to the sun for an hour, then wash as normal.

Be very careful not to abuse this method. While the sun is effective at lightening white clothing, it can also damage it if overexposed.

Other tips to avoid yellow stains

  • Do not wash white clothes with colored clothes. Always wash clothes inside out to avoid stains.
  • Avoid using bleach, as it wears out your clothes and can be counterproductive.
  • To whiten clothes, add the juice of two lemons and a pinch of salt to the liquid detergent.

Now that you know how  to whiten clothes and remove yellow stains  without resorting to industrial products, immediately apply one of the tricks described above to return your favorite clothes to their original color.