The composition of the wedding trousseau is a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation and still exists today.

Over time, however, unfortunately even the most pure and white kit tends to turn yellow even though we have used it very little or even kept it in the wardrobe without ever using it .

However, there are some very effective natural remedies for whitening yellowed grandmother’s kit . Let’s discover them together.

Lemon juice

The first remedy we want to offer you to remove yellow stains on your kit is to use lemon juice .


Then take the juice of 10 lemons and pour it into a bucket containing approximately 3 liters of hot water .

Then add 2 glasses of fine table salt and shake the bucket to mix all the ingredients.

At this point, immerse your yellowed kit in the basin and leave it to soak overnight .

Finally, rinse and proceed with common hand or machine washing . Your trousseau will be whiter than ever!

Sodium percarbonate

Another very effective method for removing brown stains from your kit without using bleach is to use sodium percarbonate.

Sodium percarbonate is a very effective powder compound for eliminating yellow stains , I’ll tell you about it in detail in this video:

To whiten yellowed kit, pour a measuring spoon of sodium percarbonate into a basin of very hot water.

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Remember, in fact, that a medium-high temperature is needed for the percarbonate to activate.

Then wait for it to melt, immerse the kit in the solution and leave it to soak for a few hours . Then proceed with the usual washing.

It is very important to read the washing labels on our kit: since the percarbonate must be activated at high temperatures (greater than 50 degrees), if the fabric is very delicate it is not the right remedy.


White vinegar is also known for its whitening properties and revives the natural white of fabrics. So why not use it if there are yellowed tablecloths or sheets ?

All you have to do is add two glasses of vinegar to a bowl of hot water and shake everything to mix the ingredients.

Then, immerse your kit in the solution and leave it to soak overnight .

Finally, rinse and hang out the kit.

Cream of tartar

Although not well known, cream of tartar is a very effective leavening agent for whitening fabrics and removing gray or yellow stains .

Then pour a sachet of cream of tartar into a basin containing hot water.


Then immerse the kit and leave to soak for a few hours . For a more effective effect, you can also leave it to soak overnight.

Finally, rinse and proceed with normal washing.

Salt and bicarbonate

Finally, the last remedy involves the use of two ingredients that you will surely already have in your pantry: salt and bicarbonate.

These two ingredients, in fact, carry out a very effective whitening action and, combined, are able to eliminate stubborn yellow stains present on fabrics.

yellowed tablecloths

Take a basin containing water and, for every liter of water, add 2 tablespoons of coarse salt and 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate.

Mix everything and immerse your kit in the solution.

Then leave it to soak overnight. You can also add half a glass of vinegar for better results.

For each natural remedy proposed here, remember not to hang out the kit in the sun, but always in the shade so as to prevent it from turning yellow again.

How to remove yellow stains from your kit?

Removing yellow stains from the outfit is possible if we soak the linen with a couple of spoons of bicarbonate, leaving it to act for a few hours.

How to make a yellowed garment white again?

For yellowed clothes, try washing them in the washing machine with sodium percarbonate, especially if they are made of cotton or durable fabric. A couple of spoons are enough, with a wash from 50 degrees onwards.

How do you avoid making your laundry yellow?

Washing linen in the right way helps us prevent it from yellowing. Wash and dry the clothes inside out, avoiding direct sun which tends to create classic yellow streaks.

How to store household linen?

It seems that the best method for preserving household linen is vacuum packing. By eliminating all the air, there is less risk of finding the classic yellow age spots.