We open the washing machine drum , collect our clothes and here comes the nasty surprise: our colored clothes have faded.

Unfortunately, this happens due to the dyes used to color the fabrics , which are not well fixed in the fibers and, therefore, tend to disperse.

But it is possible to fix and revive the colors on fabrics  with some easy, quick and economical natural remedies .

White vinegar

The first remedy to fix colors on clothes is to use the much loved white vinegar.

This ingredient is able not only to brighten up white, but to keep the color of the garments vibrant .

Then fill a basin with cold water and pour about 4 tablespoons of white vinegar into it . Then immerse the clothes in the basin until they are completely covered with water and leave them to soak for about 3 hours .

Finally, rinse the garment in cold water and proceed with the usual hand wash with water and Marseille soap .

Remember, however, to always use cold water and never hot water: hot water, in fact, is another cause of color dispersion .

This treatment is pre-wash and is excellent for both black and colored garments.

Before moving on to the other methods for fixing fabric colors , here is a detailed video of the process : to Fix Colors on Fabrics00:00


Coarse salt

To brighten up the color of your clothes you can also choose to use simple coarse kitchen salt . Similar to vinegar, salt can make colors brighter .

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Then pour 2 tablespoons of coarse salt into a basin containing approximately 2 liters of cold water .

At this point, immerse your garment in the mixture and leave it to soak for about 1 hour .

Finally, rinse and proceed with normal hand washing .

For a more effective effect you can also combine the action of vinegar with salt . Then add a cup of white vinegar and voilà : your clothes will immediately be brighter!


An ancient grandmother’s secret to prevent fabrics from fading is to use bicarbonate of soda and bay leaves.

All you need to try this remedy is 10 bay leaves and 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

Add them to a pan of water and bring everything to the boil.


Leave to cool for another 20 minutes , then pour the contents of the pan into a basin and immerse your clothes.

Leave them to soak overnight, then proceed with the usual hand wash. We generally use bay leaf for some recipes in the kitchen, but its properties are many at home, as you can discover in this video