In the bathroom, a large amount of dirt  accumulates  between taps, shower, tiles and fixtures.

In particular, in the  toilet  ,  yellow stains form  due to the  limescale  that resides in the flush water .

The fact is that this dirt is not very pleasant to look at, so measures must be taken to remove it.

So let’s see together how to remove yellow limescale stains from the toilet and keep them from returning!

Coarse salt

One of grandma’s old remedies for the yellowness that forms in the toilet is the use of  coarse  kitchen salt!


It is in fact a very useful natural element both for cleaning and for restoring the shine and whiteness of ceramics .

So why not use it to remove yellow stains ? You can do it in just a few steps!

Pour  a few tablespoons of coarse salt on the toilet stain , trying to make it adhere well. Leave it on for  an entire night , then scrub with the toilet brush and flush.

If you see that the stain has not completely removed, you can repeat the operation until it is completely removed!


Another widely used remedy for yellow toilet bowls is undoubtedly  sodium bicarbonate .

This too, like salt, is a  natural whitener , and it is no coincidence that it is also chosen to  make sheets whiter.

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All you have to do is  sprinkle the baking soda powder in the toilet  and specifically on the stain.


Always leave it to act for a whole night  or half a day, then  rub  with the help of the brush and you will start to see results!

Rinse well and that’s it!

Citric acid

In case of more stubborn yellow stains , you can also opt for citric acid .

This element, as well as the previous ones, are used  to wash laundry  or to  make dishes and glasses shine in the dishwasher.

First, take  150 grams of citric acid  and dissolve it in  1 liter of hot water.  Pour everything into a spray container using a funnel.

Spray the mixture on the yellow stain  and leave it to act for several hours, then proceed with the same steps described above. You can see it in action in this video:

NB  I remind you that the following remedy cannot be used if you have marble or natural stone ceramics.

Lemon and vinegar

Have you ever tried to remove yellow stains in the toilet with lemon and vinegar ?

All you have to do, similarly to what is described for citric acid, is  fill a spray container with white vinegar  or wine vinegar and the juice of 2 lemons . 

Spray the mixture obtained on the yellow stain  and leave it to act overnight. The following morning, spray a little mixture again and  scrub with the brush , then rinse.


If there is any product left in the vaporizer, use it to clean the steel! In fact, among the best solutions to make it shiny, vinegar and lemon are the best!

NB  I remind you that the following remedy cannot be used if you have marble or natural stone ceramics.

Hydrogen peroxide

Finally we can also use hydrogen peroxide  to  remove yellow toilet stains .

First of all, you will have to get some 3% hydrogen peroxide, i.e. the 10 volume one, the classic one from the supermarket!

hydrogen peroxide-to-clean-bathroom

First spread some bicarbonate of soda on the stain  and then  pour the hydrogen peroxide over it , the two ingredients together will create a reaction generating a sort of foam.

As with the other methods, you will have to leave it to act for a night or half a day, then scrub with the toilet brush and that’s it, the stain will have faded considerably!

Again, similarly to vinegar, lemon and citric acid, this remedy cannot be used on marble and natural stone.

How to remove yellow stains from bathroom fixtures?

Dab some white vinegar with a sponge on the stains to be treated. Leave it to act for a few hours, then rub vigorously.

How to make the bottom of the toilet white again?

If the bottom of the toilet has darkened, pour a pot of very hot water and 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate. Leave it to act overnight. You will have a white and sanitized toilet.

How to remove yellow encrustation from the toilet?

Toilet caked yellowness goes away with citric acid. Dissolve 150 g of it in 1 liter of demineralised water, transfer to a spray bottle and spray the solution on the yellow stains. Leave it to act overnight, then rub vigorously and rinse.

Why does the toilet turn yellow?

The toilet turns yellow due to water flowing into the toilet. Especially when there is a leak, the water never stops flowing, which is why the limestone contained in it deposits on the surface of the ceramic.