The room in the house that we get dirty most easily: the kitchen .

All it takes is preparing a lunch or dinner to inevitably turn everything upside down: food scattered on the worktop, dishes in the sink and, often, grease on the furniture. In fact, it is precisely this grease on the furniture that is the most difficult thing to clean.

Whether it’s wooden worktops , marble or tiled surfaces , let’s see together how to remove grease from kitchen furniture , using natural remedies .

White vinegar and Marseille soap

The traditionally most effective method for eliminating traces of grease , especially when they are very thick and evident, is to combine white vinegar and Marseille soap .


The ideal is to mix 1 liter of hot water with a glass of white vinegar and 30 grams of Marseille soap flakes . After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, you can use it as a cleaner for your furniture .

Wipe it over the surfaces with a microfibre cloth and then rinse : the white vinegar dissolves grease, while the Marseille soap cleans and perfumes. Your furniture will look like it was just purchased!

Remember that this method can be used for wooden furniture , laminate and tiled surfaces , but not on marble on which the action of the vinegar could have a corrosive effect .

Coffee grounds

Sometimes, grease forms very ugly stains that cover surfaces. There is a trick to eliminate them in a very simple way: it is coffee grounds , which perhaps you have not yet tried to degrease kitchen furniture .

Take about 2 coffee grounds , crumble them with your hands and spread the powder on the stained part of the surface. Leave on for about 30 minutes , then rub with the help of a cloth.

Finally, rinse with a solution based on 500 ml of hot water and 30 ml of liquid Marseille soap : the stain will have disappeared.

Here are also other tricks with coffee grounds in the kitchen :

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Warning: due to the abrasive action of coffee grounds , use this method only on non-quality tiled and wooden surfaces . In fact, other surfaces could get scratched .

Sodium bicarbonate

A few teaspoons of this remedy are enough and… that’s it! This is sodium bicarbonate .

Mix it in a bowl with a little water until you obtain a pasty mixture and spread it on the inside of the greasy furniture . Leave to act for 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water .

It manages to eliminate grease, also removing streaks and leaving no trace of it. This method with the bowl of bicarbonate is therefore suitable when we need to degrease the inside of pantries and shelves , or to whiten joints and tiles :

Lemon juice

A very easy to prepare detergent that will leave your furniture super clean : water and lemon juice .


Simply combine 500 ml of water and the juice of a fresh lemon : shake and put the mixture in a vaporizer or spray bottle .

Spray not directly on the furniture (but on the damp cloth) and pass it inside and outside the kitchen furniture . Since Lemon is acidic, always test in a hidden area of ​​the cabinet first. Avoid shiny and delicate ones, including marble surfaces.

Denatured alcohol

Grease on tile countertops can be really difficult to remove. Often, after cleaning, marks still remain .

To make them go away permanently, you can use denatured alcohol .

You can create a solution by mixing 100ml with 500ml of water , and using it for the entire surface .

Then, rinse with plenty of water.

How to polish steel parts

Sometimes the grease also manages to settle on metal or steel furniture parts , for example handles or some hoods .

For effective cleaning, mix some white vinegar ( 150 ml ) and 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a bowl with water (about 500 ml ) .

Then, dip a cloth in it and use it by passing it over the greasy surfaces .

NB: on metal surfaces , grease usually deposits forming veins . You have to clean, moving the cloth right in the direction of those grains, back and forth, to remove it more easily.

How to clean a very dirty kitchen?

When the kitchen is very dirty, it is necessary to degrease it effectively. Furthermore, using a microfibre cloth allows you to eliminate dirt and stains effortlessly.

How to clean sticky kitchen wood?

You can clean sticky wood with a solution of water and Marseille soap (1 tablespoon flakes). First dip a sponge, then pass it several times over the area to be cleaned.

How to clean and degrease wooden furniture?

Try diluting a glass of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of water and use the solution on your wooden furniture. But always test first in a hidden area of ​​the cabinet.

How to clean and degrease the kitchen sink?

You can clean and degrease the kitchen sink using a small piece of soft laundry soap. Since it is soft, let it adhere to the sponge and soap all over the steel, then rinse.