When we focus on cleaning shoes , we rarely pay attention to the rubber which, instead, is the part most exposed to dirt , as it is in contact with the floor and the earth. And not only that: the rubber of sneakers often yellows quickly, appearing old and neglected.

In this regard, today we will see together how to whiten shoe rubber , using only home remedies .


Although we usually associate toothpaste with cleaning our teeth, it can actually also be used effectively to whiten the rubber of yellowed or dirty shoes . You can see it in action in this video:

As you may have noticed, the process is really very simple, as all you have to do is rub a little toothpaste all over the yellow rubber of the shoe using an old  toothbrush.

Repeat the operation until all dirt stains have been removed. After that, rinse the shoes gently with  warm water and use a damp cloth to remove the excess.

Sodium bicarbonate

When talking about natural remedies for whitening shoes , we cannot fail to mention  bicarbonate .

Its versatility is known for different areas of the house, as well as tile joints , which I show you in this video :

To best use it in case of yellowed shoe rubber , create a creamy mixture with bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Then take a toothbrush and rub it on the area to be treated (or even on the entire shoe, if it is leather).


Leave the mixture to act for at least 30 minutes, then rinse the shoes under warm running water and you ‘re done!

Marseille soap

Among the most effective remedies for removing yellowness from white shoes , here is Marseille soap , whose  very delicate cleaning properties  are a valid help in removing dirt stains.

Then moisten the rubber of the shoe with a cloth and then rub the Marseille soap  directly on the rubber until it is removed.

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Finally, rinse everything with warm water and  voilà : your shoes will look as new as when you just bought them!

Lemon juice

Another remedy that we want to offer you for yellowed rubber on sneakers is to use  lemon juice.

Let us remember, in fact, that lemon juice is known for its  strong whitening and disinfectant action . Plus, it has an  intoxicating natural smell !

You can use it in two ways .

In the first method , you can directly rub half of a lemon on the rubber of your shoes . Then, scrub with a toothbrush and rinse. It will be your natural sponge , also useful for other surfaces in the house, such as taps or glass :

In the second method , however, all you have to do is add the  baking soda and lemon  juice  directly to the rubber of the shoe and rub gently with a brush.

Your shoes  will be cleaner than ever!

Coarse salt

Coarse salt is another ingredient that you will certainly have in your pantry and which seems to be very useful for whitening the rubber of shoes , as it has abrasive and cleaning properties.


Then take a cup of coarse salt and a little Marseille soap or ecological dish soap and then use a brush to rub the mixture on the rubber. Leave it on for a while, then rinse.

Salt and milk

Salt can also be combined with another ingredient that also has whitening properties: milk. Then pour 500 ml of milk and 250 ml of water into a bucket and then add 80 grams of salt.

If you prefer, you can also add a few drops of Marseille soap . At this point, use a brush, dip it in the mixture and rub it on the rubber of the shoe. Leave it on for a while, then rinse.

NB You could use expired milk to avoid waste . Or use a smaller quantity (to pour into a bowl) and follow the same procedure.

Yellow laundry soap

We saw together how yellow laundry soap is an excellent remedy for cleaning the whole house . A small piece will be enough to thoroughly remove stains from the rubber of your shoes . And here I offer you a step by step guide on how to use it :

Before starting with any of the proposed methods, remember to read the kitchen labels inside the shoes, so you don’t risk ruining them.

Why does shoe rubber turn yellow?

Shoe rubber turns yellow for several reasons. Very often, too aggressive detergents are used or they are left to dry in direct sunlight. Furthermore, the hot season and continuous use favor yellowing and wear.

How to remove sun yellow from shoes?

You can remove sun yellow from shoes by washing them with Marseille soap. You can also avoid yellowing by not wetting them too much and keeping them away from direct sunlight.

How to clean shoes with baking soda?

Create a creamy mixture with water and bicarbonate, carefully. Take a toothbrush, dip it in the mixture and use it to clean your shoes.

How to clean Nike Air Force?

To clean your Nike Air Force, choose Marseille Soap or a more delicate detergent, rubbing with a damp microfibre cloth. Don’t get them too wet and don’t leave them in the sun.