When we take out freshly washed laundry , the fresh scent, as well as clean clothes, is the result we want to achieve.

Sometimes, however, it happens that, even if we think we have carried out all the steps well, the laundry stinks and we are forced to wash it again.

With a second wash we can solve the problem, but the real solution is to prevent it so as not to have to work twice as hard!

So today we will see why laundry smells even after washing it and how to solve the problem .

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How many times do we plan a wash and then forget about it, leaving the clothes in the drum for hours?

The first factor in smelly laundry , perhaps one of the most common, is leaving clothes in the washing machine for too long without hanging them out.


It is very important that the laundry is picked up immediately and hung out in the sun. Otherwise, in fact, it can give off the bad smell of mold and stagnant water which will also remain on the clothes, neutralizing the scent they should have.

Make sure you have plenty of time and hang out the laundry straight away !

Allow to dry well

Machine washes are never enough! Sometimes there’s a rush to remove them from the drying rack because we have to put more on: how many times has this happened?

Remember, however, that if the laundry has not dried well and has parts that are still damp, it will tend to smell when you fold it. And I’ll tell you more: the stench could also permeate the furniture or drawers in which you store them.

Therefore, let the clothes dry well and do not pile too many on the drying rack: separate them well.

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Use a natural perfumer

Fabric softeners, alas, can be one of the main causes of smelly laundry .

It seems strange, but I’ll immediately explain why: the smell of fabric softener has the opposite effect if you leave your clothes in the washing machine for even 10 minutes without hanging them out.

We have already seen that the laundry itself should be hung out immediately (among other things, if we hang it out well we will avoid ironing it ), but the situation with bad odors gets considerably worse if you still use fabric softener and if you use too much.

The solution? Use a natural perfumer ! You can perfume your clothes by placing 2 tablespoons of Marseille soap , 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and 10 drops of essential oil to your liking in the washing machine tub.

soap-marseille-washing machine

Or again, choose citric acid as a natural softener , a versatile and all-round natural remedy! I’ll show you this in action:


Avoid short washes

Another problem with laundry that smells after the washing machine is too short washes . These can be a quick and economical choice, but you will change your mind when you find yourself having to wash clothes again.

Washing at temperatures below 40° does not kill bacteria, so they remain attached to drain pipes and clothes, causing a bad smell on the laundry and in the washing machine.

Therefore, wash at temperatures that oscillate at least between 40 and 60 degrees and you will avoid the smell . Once a month you can run a vacuum wash at 90° .

You can find this and other advice in a video designed just for you:


Clean the washing machine

Were all the previous tips useful to you? Now I’ll tell you the main one: always clean the washing machine !

It is of fundamental importance to always have an impeccable washing machine because it is made up of many parts where dirt can settle.

Pay attention to the various components: basket, gasket, tray, porthole and filter . Cleaning these pieces periodically will certainly guarantee you fragrant laundry.

You can choose the remedy you prefer to empty the washing machine , here are the most effective:


You can also make a solution to spray into the empty washing machine after each wash. Simply dissolve 1 tablespoon of Marseille soap in 1/2 liter of water , then add 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice . Mix everything and pour into a spray container.

Why does freshly washed laundry smell?

Laundry stinks, even if it has just been washed, due to some mistakes that are made when we start a wash: the drum is too full, excessive use of detergent or temperatures that are too low.

How to remove bad smell from clothes washed in the washing machine?

Use 100 ml of white vinegar instead of fabric softener, so you won’t have a bad smell when you wash your clothes in the washing machine.

Why do clothes smell after washing?

Very often, it is the detergents that make the laundry smell, because we use too much of it, thinking we are cleaning it and smelling better. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid this mistake.

How do you stop your laundry from smelling?

Follow a few simple rules to keep your laundry from smelling: don’t overfill the drum, use the right amount of detergent and follow the appropriate washing instructions.