For domestic cleaning and to make our laundry cleaner and fresher, not everyone knows that there is an ecological yellow soap .

Also called potassium soft soap , this soap is shaped like a yellow stick and has a semi-soft consistency.

Although it is made up of very few ingredients, it contains coconut oil which makes it more foaming and gives it a very effective cleansing power. Its  degreasing and cleaning action , however, derives from  potassium salts.

But many people wonder: “ Where can you find yellow soap ”?

Today we will find out where to buy it and some tricks on how to use it in the washing machine .

Where to buy it

Potassium yellow soap is commercially available both in the form of a semi-soft stick and in liquid format.


In particular, the best known ones are Alga soap and Alba soap , which are biodegradable and have a totally ecological approach and can be purchased online or in physical stores .

Physical stores

On the market, it is possible to find this product indicated with the name ” Soft potassium soap “ or ” Coconut oil soap “, as in the case of Alga . Let’s see together in which supermarkets or physical stores to find it :

  • household goods shops for cleaning the house (such as Tigotà );
  • organic product shops;
  • bulk product stores (which also sell detergents);
  • health food stores;
  • some very large supermarkets (such as Conad );
  • chemical and cleaning product suppliers;
  • suppliers of products for cosmetics and self-production;
  • Chinese shops.

We remind you, however, that not all supermarkets may be stocked with this product but only the very large ones that have a greater range of products.

Usually, you find potassium soap on the  cleaning shelves, next to other soaps, such as Marseille soap.

Shop online

If, however, you don’t have enough time to wander around the various shops looking for this product, you can choose to  buy it directly online , where it won’t be very difficult to find it.

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You can buy yellow soap on the  well-known Amazon portal , where various formats, various types and various prices are available, based on your needs.

Be careful, however, because on this site, in addition to laundry soap, there is a large offer of ” yellow potassium soap ” useful for organic farming.

How much does Soft Soap cost

As already mentioned, seaweed soap is not only a very versatile and environmentally friendly product for washing laundry, but it is also quite economical.


The cost of potassium soap may vary slightly depending on the brand and format you decide to purchase. Before the price increase, this ancient soap cost just over 1 Euro (indeed, there was the possibility of buying it for even less). Now the situation is a little different, it has increased slightly. So people go looking for the product when it is on offer.

Despite the slight increase in price, it is one of the favorite eco-friendly remedies for cleaning laundry and home . To avoid wasting any of it, sometimes you decide to divide it into cubes (like the photo above) or into balls , as you will notice in this video :


How to use it in the washing machine

After finding out together where you can buy seaweed soap and how much it costs , let’s see how to use it in the washing machine .

Its degreasing function is able to clean the laundry, especially in the washing machine . Furthermore, it can be used both as  a solid soap and as  a liquid soap.

Solid soap

Thanks to the  degreasing power  of this soft yellow soap , it is also possible to use it to  pre-treat the most difficult stains . Rub the  stick directly on the stain  as if it were a sponge.

Then leave it to act  for a few minutes , then add the item to the washing machine together with the other items.

At this point, cut  a small piece of yellow soap  and insert it directly into the washing machine drum.

Finally, start the wash, making sure to always respect the  production labels of your garments.

Although potassium soap doesn’t foam much,  your laundry will be cleaner and smelling better than ever!

Liquid detergent

As we have already said, yellow soap, however, can also be used as a  liquid detergent .

soap-yellow-washing machine

The presence of coconut oil, in fact, allows you to  dissolve the block easily  and therefore create a liquid version without the fear that it may solidify as happens with  Marseille soap.

Then, pour  400 ml of water  into a pan and add  two 500 gram blocks of soft soap  inside.

We remind you, however, to cut these blocks into  small pieces  so as to facilitate melting.

Once you have placed the pieces of soap in the pan containing water, bring everything to a  light boil . Then turn off the heat and cover the pan with a lid.

You will notice that the soap will dissolve completely  in a few minutes.  If it hasn’t melted enough, turn the heat on for a few more minutes.

Then, turn off the heat, let it cool a little and  transfer the resulting liquid detergent into a recycled bottle.

Now you just have to use it to  wash your laundry in the washing machine! Fill a measuring cup, add it to the washing machine compartment and start the wash.

How to use it at home

If you are wondering how to use seaweed soap in other ways, in this video you will discover that it can be useful for various surfaces in the home :


What is seaweed soap used for?

Seaweed soap is an ecological soap useful for washing laundry in a green way and cleaning many areas of the house.

How much Alga soap should be put in the washing machine?

It really depends on the hardness of the water and the load you decide to wash. Typically a couple of pieces are taken. Better not to choose a short wash, otherwise it may not dissolve well.

What is the difference between Alga and Alba Soap?

Alga soap and Alba soap are both a potassium soft soap, so the difference is in the brand name.

How much does a bar of seaweed soap cost?

Before the price increase, seaweed soap cost 1 euro or a little more. Now it can go up to 2 euros, unless you decide to take it in large quantities.