I fill the pan and put it in the oven. Dirt comes off the walls and grille on its own

Cleaning the oven can be quite a challenge. And for good reason, grease stains, dirt and food residue are often difficult to remove. Luckily, it’s possible to restore your oven to its former glory with some easy-to-follow home tricks.

If you want your oven to regain its cleanliness, opt for this trick that few of you know. All you need   is a pot of water and white vinegar.

Dirty interior of an oven

How do I clean the inside of the oven with a pot of water?

This tip is an alternative to traditional products that are potentially harmful to the environment. It is based on the use of a pot that must withstand heat. Then fill it with hot water and add half a glass of white vinegar and a little lemon juice. The latter acts   as an odor absorber in the cleaning process.

Then place the utensil in the oven on the middle rack and set the device to a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.  Allow the steam, white vinegar and lemon juice   to sit inside the device for 30 minutes and then turn off the device to allow it to cool. Then attack the softened dirt, which is now easier to remove with a damp cloth.

It should also be noted that glass, porcelain or plastic pans should be avoided for this trick. Instead, prefer those   made of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic.

Clean the oven interior

How do I clean the inside of the oven with baking soda and white vinegar?

You can also rely on the cleaning   and deodorizing properties of baking soda   and white vinegar to easily remove dirt from the oven. When it comes to household cleaning, these two ingredients simply cannot be missing. To use them in this case, follow these simple steps:

What will you need:

  • A damp cloth
  • Backsoda
  • White wine vinegar
  • Some water
  • A spray bottle
  • A plastic spatula
  • rubber gloves

To use this method, it’s best to proceed methodically. To do this, first remove   the grates   and all elements that are inside the device. Then prepare a paste consisting of half a glass of baking soda and a few tablespoons of water in a container.


In a cooled oven, spread the dough obtained on all the walls of the device. It is also preferable to wear rubber gloves when coating the dough, especially if your oven is particularly dirty. This allows you to reach the corners of the oven without risking getting your hands dirty. Also focus on the areas   most prone to grease stains.

Then leave the substance to act for 12 hours or even overnight   and use the opportunity to clean the rack trolleys.  The next morning, use a damp cloth to remove as much of it as possible. If that wasn’t enough, continue with a plastic spatula to scrape off any remaining hard-to-reach particles.

The final phase of the trick is   to   use white vinegar as a supplement to baking soda.   To do this, fill it into a spray bottle and spray it onto the walls. Leave to act for a few minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth and add water and vinegar if necessary until the walls shine. All you have to do is put the grids back in place, as well as any elements you may have removed.

In any case, it is recommended to clean the oven regularly so as not to be faced with traces of grease that are difficult to remove.