Dust in the home tends to accumulate everywhere , this is known, yet there are surfaces from which it is more difficult to remove it.

In particular, it is the upper part of the furniture and wardrobes that accumulate the most dust and which makes it difficult to clean them given their position.

For this reason, today I’ll tell you my trick to speed up cleaning on wardrobes and do it effortlessly!

How to do

First of all, equip yourself with some sheets of newspaper , preferably those from newspapers as they are more absorbent than sheets from magazines.

Obviously, the quantity will depend on the size of the surface to be covered and how many cupboards you want to clean .

At this point, with the help of someone, pass a duvet over the top of your wardrobes and furniture and then pass a microfibre cloth immersed in a basin containing a mixture of warm water and 1 tablespoon of Marseille soap flakes.

This soap, in fact, not only boasts stain-removing and cleaning properties , but is also able to prevent the appearance of dust.

Once the wardrobe has been cleaned, dry carefully with a dry cloth , then try the newspaper trick.

All you have to do is spread these sheets on the top of the wardrobe until it is completely covered. I recommend covering even the smallest spaces by cutting out small pieces of newspaper.

What happen

Once we have seen how to try the newspaper trick, let’s see together what it is for and what happens next.

The purpose of these newspapers , in fact, is precisely to absorb dust and prevent it from sticking to your wardrobes.

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In fact, when you want to clean the top part of your furniture , you will do everything faster, as you simply need to remove the newspaper sheets, taking care not to let the dust fall to the floor or disperse it on the surface.

Then, crumple up the dust-stained sheets and throw them in the bin. You will notice that the entire surface of the wardrobe will be as clean as if it had just been washed since it will have been “protected ” by the newspaper sheets which will have accumulated dust .

For a deep cleaning, I still suggest you wipe with a cloth dampened in a mixture of soap and water, but at this point just one pass will be enough to have the upper part of the furniture super clean.

Finally, put back some new sheets of newspaper and you’re done!

How often to change them

Since dust tends to form quickly in the house, especially so high up, it would be a good idea to proceed with this cleaning and with the replacement of newspaper sheets at least once a month.

Obviously, however, the frequency also depends on various factors in the home that lead to dust accumulating more quickly, such as heaters turned on, doors open on windy days , and rooms that are used the most.

Therefore, try to understand how quickly newspaper sheets tend to fill with dust and replace them when you see them dirty.

So… it will only take you a few minutes!

Anti-dust spray

And if you want to use anti-dust sprays that can quickly remove it and prevent its formation , then we have created a video for you that will show you how to do it step by step!

This way, you can also spray it when you change newspaper sheets for optimal and super-fast cleaning!