But how beautiful are white sneakers ? Very, very much! Not to mention the fact that they are easily combined and very versatile, as we can use them for both a more classic and sporty outfit.

The only flaw, however, is the fact that they easily tend to get dirty and stained and lose all their original beauty.

But not with my tricks! Today, in fact, I will show you how I clean my sneakers step by step!


First, gather all your white sneakers that need deep cleaning, so you can have them all cleaned in no time.

After that, equip yourself with yellow soap , an ingredient with stain-removing and degreasing properties that has been used since our grandmothers to have impeccable laundry .

You simply need to detach a piece or ball from this stick of soap and then apply it to a sponge or shoe brush .

I also remind you to fill a basin with warm water and keep it handy during your cleaning operation.

At this point, dip the sponge or brush in the basin so that the piece of yellow soap can soften a little and rub it vigorously all over the shoe , including the rubber which is often the part that tends to get dirty the most .

You will notice that a lot of foam will be produced and it will be this that “dissolves” the black . Then, leave it to act for a while and pour them into the basin to remove the excess foam and clean the soles underneath before putting them in the washing machine.

In the washing machine

Once your sneakers have been pre-treated , let’s move on to see how to complete the cleaning by washing them in the washing machine .

Obviously, I remind you to always consult the washing labels  on the soles to make sure that washing your shoes in the washing machine is permitted.

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Furthermore, also remove  the laces , in order to open the shoe and allow better washing . All you have to do, therefore, is put the sneakers in the basket, always making sure not to put more than three pairs.

Then, start a delicate wash cycle at  low temperatures , not exceeding  30° or 40° and pour a little white vinegar or Marseille soap into the detergent drawer .

These ingredients , in fact, not only degrease but also help deodorize your footwear .

Although you can use any detergent , I only advise you to prefer liquid ones and avoid  powder ones , as residues could remain on the shoes.

Finally, I remind you not to set the spin speeds  or select the program with a  minimum spin cycle .

NB If you want to be sure not to damage your sneakers, put them in a canvas bag or in a net specifically for shoes.

In this regard, here is a video for you to see how to do it step by step!



Finally, let’s see together how to dry freshly washed sneakers  so as not to ruin them!

Personally, I place them on a horizontal surface on the balcony in the open air, but away from direct sunlight  because the fabric could yellow.

Obviously, in the middle of winter you can also place them in the sun, especially during the less hot hours of the day, when the sun’s rays are weak.

I also place newspaper inside my shoes  to absorb excess moisture and speed up the drying process!


Avoid washing leather or suede sneakers or sneakers with applications or objects in the washing machine. In this case, hand washing would be better.

Furthermore, I remind you that it is very important to read the care labels before washing your shoes.