Once we have washed our clothes by hand or in the washing machine, we hang them outside waiting for them to dry.

The problem, however, concerns the phase after drying as it often has to be dedicated to ironing.

But what if we told you that there are some clever techniques for hanging clothes so you don’t iron them? Well yes, let’s see them together!

Before starting

Before seeing how to hang clothes so you don’t have to iron them, it is important to follow some precautions during the washing phase.

In fact, I suggest you not wash too many items at a time because otherwise they don’t have the  material space to spread out  and tend to get balled up.

Equally important is to avoid using the  centrifuge , or at least reduce the revolutions, always remembering  not to exceed 600 revolutions and setting the  right  temperatures , avoiding those that are too high.

Finally, remember not to leave the clothes in the washing machine for a long time before hanging them because they could wrinkle a lot. Instead, hang them while wet  and vertically, so that the  weight of the water  can straighten them while drying.

Beat them vigorously

Once we have seen together how to wash clothes in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles , let’s see the first clever trick to try when you have to hang them out .

In fact, I tend to beat them vigorously before rolling them out so as to remove all visible creases.

Obviously, it would be a good idea to repeat the operation three or four times so that you can actually smooth out the creases especially on rougher items such as jeans and towels .

Once you have “beaten” them, “caress” them especially on the points where the wrinkles are clearly visible.

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Few items

As already seen in the washing phase , even when you hang out your clothes you will have to avoid hanging too many at once.

Insufficient space, in fact, will cause the clothes to wrinkle . Each item, therefore, must have the right material space on the line or on the clothesline.

First of all, avoid hanging  too many items together ; in fact, if they do not have enough space to be hung, the clothes will tend to wrinkle.

Then spread them vertically and spread out as much as you can.

Pull the fabrics

Whether it’s sheets, blankets, tablecloths or t-shirts , always remember to stretch these fabrics well before hanging them.

In this way, you will be able to stretch and straighten the fibers well so that the fabric can dry without showing the classic wrinkles.


Often, we find creases on garments also due to the use of clothespins or their incorrect use.

For this reason, I suggest you avoid using them if possible . If, however, it is necessary, then there are some tricks you can follow.

In the case of t-shirts and shirts , place the pegs at the bottom seam or other seams , such as those under the armpits, so as not to leave marks .

To hang  skirts and trousers,  place 4 clothespins starting from the waist, remembering to  always pull the hems tight  before hanging them and smooth the fabric with your hands .


As an alternative to clothespins , you can also use hangers, which allow you to give the right shape to your garments without wrinkling them or making them wrinkle.

I therefore suggest you arrange items such as t-shirts , dresses and shirts on hangers and fasten the buttons to give them the right shape.

Once dried they will be straight as never before!

More space on the clothesline (VIDEO)

And if you want to know how to get more space on the clothesline , here’s a video designed for you!