I want to reveal to you what my grandmother did with corn starch, she was extraordinary!


In addition to the kitchen, however, this fantastic ingredient can be used to clean the house in the right way. In this article we will bring you grandmother’s remedies for using corn starch in brilliant ways.

4 alternative ways to use corn starch

First, cornstarch can be used to keep your shoes fresh and clean . Simply pour it inside your shoes after wearing them and leave it on overnight before removing. This natural ingredient absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors, leaving your shoes fresh and scented.

To absorb dirt and leave the floor clean and shiny, mix cornstarch with a little hot water to create a thick paste. Spread the paste on the floor and leave it to act for a few minutes before rubbing and removing with a damp cloth. If, however, your wooden floor creaks, pour half a cup of starch onto the affected surface, sweep the floor so that the dust fills the cracks and you will have said goodbye to any unusual noise.


If you have absentmindedly spilled a drink on the carpets or stained them by munching on food in front of the TV, you can use corn starch as a stain remover . Mix half a cup of starch and half of bicarbonate of soda, pour the mixture on the stain, leave to act for 20 minutes, rub and vacuum the residues with the vacuum cleaner.

Finally, you can use it to clean windows. Pour a glass of vinegar and a half of cornstarch into a spray container , mix the ingredients, spray it on the windows and rub. In no time at all you will have clean windows without stains or streaks.