If you boil this product, the insects will fly out of the house after five minutes.

Simply boil this ingredient and all the bed bugs will be gone within minutes – try it now.

Insects are annoying little creatures that invade your home. Whether they are flies, mosquitoes or even cockroaches, it is important to find a remedy to keep them away immediately. In the constant search for the right remedy, it is not advisable to buy chemical repellents. They not only pollute the environment, but are also harmful to the health of living beings. How to do it then? A completely natural remedy is optimal for keeping all types of insects away in just a few minutes.
What attracts insects?

All types of insects existing on earth have a common characteristic: they are attracted to something present in the house. We usually talk about “easy food”, which we eat without making any effort.

Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes enter homes to feed and lay eggs to continue the tradition and have other family members to feed. Sweets, sugar and leftover food are among the favorites of these insects: a few crumbs on the tablecloth or an open package are enough to whet their appetite.

Additionally, dishes left unwashed overnight and in the sink attract small animals that feed undisturbed during the night. It is important to keep the house clean, the food packages completely closed and take care of the dishes so as not to leave them dirty overnight.

How to scare away flies and mosquitoes with this natural method?
There is an optimal natural remedy to get rid of insects in the house, because with this ingredient they will flee immediately.

The natural remedy against flies, aphids, cockroaches and mosquitoes is easily prepared with 10 cloves and 15 bay leaves. The first thing we must do is take a pot with a liter of water and bring it to a boil.

Immediately afterwards, pour in the cloves and bay leaves. The two ingredients must boil together for a few minutes to release the substances and all the benefits. Let cool and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

The remedy is used by spraying the product in all places where insects are noticed. Whether in the bathroom, pantry or kitchen. The liquid can be used every day because it is natural and has no contraindications. To further increase its repellency, you can add mint leaves.

What is an excellent smell for humans is so unpleasant for insects that they want to leave the house as soon as possible. Bay leaves can also be used alone, without cloves, by burning them lightly in a saucer and adding mint leaves.