If you wash your bed linen at 60 degrees, you’re wrong: that’s the ideal temperature

If you wash your bedding at a temperature of 60 degrees, you are making a mistake: find out what the ideal temperature is.

Bed linen in the washing machine and button marked 60°

Washing sheets in the washing machine is a normal process, but it is important to choose the right temperature to ensure effective cleaning  

maintain the quality of the material.

wash at low temperature

Even if the washing machine is and is available in every household  

Although it is used almost daily   misuse often occurs, resulting in damage to clothing and the device itself.

Set the ideal temperature

Although modern washing machines offer specific programs for each type of laundry, errors can sometimes occur when identifying them  

ideal temperature   . Especially with regard to the  

When washing bed linen   many people think that only high temperatures can ensure proper hygiene, but this is not always the best option. Usually a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees is enough to remove dirt and mites without damaging the fabric. However, not everyone knows that thanks to modern, effective detergents it is possible to wash at lower temperatures, for example 40 degrees  

effective even at low temperatures   and develop their cleaning and disinfecting effect.

colored or dark leaves

The color   is also important to consider. If they are dark, using high temperatures is not recommended as they could be easily damaged. In this case, it is better to use lower temperatures and special cleaning products.

Ideal temperature for dark sheets.

It is also important to change them regularly, about once a week, to avoid excessive accumulation of germs and bacteria. For best results, we recommend using a disinfectant cleaner  

even at low temperatures   without damaging the fabric. Also, avoid overloading the washing machine as this could affect the quality of the laundry. Cleaning sheets is essential for  

Maintaining the health and hygiene of our room. However, many people ignore the importance of proper washing and tend to  

Underestimate the use of natural cleaning products.

Perfect temperature and hygiene

First of all, it is important to choose  

ideal temperature for washing bed linen   . While many people think that high temperatures are necessary to kill bacteria,  

Similar results can also be achieved at lower temperatures   . In addition, high temperatures can damage the fabric, so it is always best to use moderate temperatures. You can clean your bed linen at low temperatures  

Use natural products   like white vinegar. White vinegar is a strong remedy  

natural disinfectant   that can kill bacteria on bed linen and neutralize unpleasant odors. To use it, just add it 

a cup of white vinegar to your bedding cycle.

Bed linen in the washing machine

Another very useful natural product for cleaning bedding is  

Baking powder. Baking soda can act as a natural bleach and remove stains and contamination from sheets. Baking soda can also help  

neutralize unpleasant odors and make the fabric softer. To use baking soda, simply add 1/2 cup to the wash cycle.

Baking soda in the washing machine

Finally, it is important to remember this  

Do not overload the washing machine with too many clothes   as this can affect the quality of the laundry. Also avoid  

Use synthetic fabric softeners   which can irritate your skin and damage the fabric of your bedding. Finally, 

Cleaning bedding at the ideal temperature   is a fundamental aspect for the health and hygiene of our bedroom. Using natural products like white vinegar and baking soda can help keep bedding clean even in cold weather  

without damaging the fabric   .