If your laundry has turned yellow, don’t despair | So it looks like new again in just a few steps

Is the laundry yellowed after washing? Does that sound like a good reason to despair? But no: from today on you can use this solution to solve the problem in just a few steps.

What to do if your laundry turns yellow?

When we leave our parents’ home, many problems begin. In addition to the lack of family, there are many responsibilities that we have to take on and many tasks that we did not do before but which become unavoidable at this point. One of them? Well, of course we can’t help but mention laundry, which becomes a real daily obligation since  clothes  need to be washed constantly. And it is not as easy as it was for our mothers: in reality there are many small steps that we should take to wash our clothes well.

Yellowed laundry: With this trick you can

Yellowed laundry, the solution

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To make our clothes shine again, our grandmothers had other means, but today we offer you something different. With this recipe that we “tell” you, you can literally create a solution with ingredients that we already have at home.

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For the lace and lace sheets, after soaking them in water and salt for a night or so, continue washing them with a nice liquid Marseille soap. I recommend not rubbing to avoid causing damage. Then put them in the shade. For all other sheets, however, you need warm water, salt and lots and lots of lemon juice.

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This solution is particularly suitable for  soaking sheets for a few hours before washing them in the washing machine on the gentle program. At this point they definitely need to be ironed.


After tidying up your yellowed trousseau by finding the white that it has lost, you must remember to iron the sheets directly with the iron so as not to ruin the fabric. At this point, use the old trick of the rag or towel and place it between the iron and your head.