The trick to making a jade tree bloom: it will scent the whole house

The jade tree is a plant that does not require a green thumb to maintain. In addition to brightening up your home, this plant can also perfume it with its sweet scent.

Easy to maintain, the jade tree is a popular plant recognized for its delicately scented star-shaped leaves. Find out how to make it bloom to embalm your home with its refreshing scent.

How to make a jade tree bloom so that it can perfume your home?

The jade tree is a popular plant that brings an original touch to any interior. In addition, its sweet fragrance allows it to quickly embalm the room it is in. Easy to maintain and grow, here are some tips that will make this plant flourish with beautiful foliage.

Maintain your jade tree to make it flourish

In order for your jade tree to bloom, you have to be extremely patient. Also, it takes several years for this plant to fully bloom. In fact, sometimes you have to wait nine or even ten years. The flowering time of the jade tree often occurs in winter, from the beginning of January. We can then see a multitude of white star-shaped flowers. In fact, if your plant is at room temperature, 15°C maximum, they may appear as early as November. To achieve this, you still need to properly maintain your plant.

How do I care for a jade tree?

If you wish to grow your jade tree in the ground, you’ll need to plant it in fairly mineral, well-drained soil, and if possible on a slope so that water doesn’t stagnate. It is advisable to plant it under a tree to protect it from the cold and rain in winter. If you’re growing a jade tree in a pot, make sure it’s made of clay and contains a mixture of potting soil and draining materials. For optimum growth, place a layer of clay balls in the bottom of the pot to ensure that the substrate drains well.

Water and fertilize your jade tree.

During the growing season, you should water the plant at least once a week. You can also add some fertilizer once a month in summer. With the arrival of autumn, it is advisable to gradually stop all forms of watering and resume only in mid-April. Overwatering could be fatal to the plant; its branches may become soft and blackish. In this case, do not hesitate to remove the damaged parts and cut the stems that are still viable. The jade tree also thrives on light, so it is important to expose it to sunlight from May to September. In fact, it is a small shrub that appreciates strong light. Finally, you can consider repotting your plant when it starts to get cramped. It is best to do this, using potting soil and sand.

If the maintenance of the jade tree seems easy enough, it is still necessary to pay attention to it at all times.

Now you know that it takes patience for your jade tree to bloom properly. Do not hesitate to maintain it well so that it can eventually embalm your home with its sweet fragrance.