Impara come riprodurre a “lingua di suocera” with a single foglia

Ti insegniamo how we can reproduce a beautiful “lingua di suocera” from a unique foglia and who will see many more of these beautiful plants  pieni of benefits for your home.

Dracaena  trifasciata, scientifically chiamata  Sansevieria trifasciata  is best known as “lingua della suocera” or “lingua di serpente”, è a species of the genus Dracaena originating in tropical West Africa, although it exists in Nigeria and is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This species is designed with extremely popular and communal interior floors designed to look beautiful in the interior of the house and decorated in any angle,  but very simple in curare .

lingua della suocera Come riprodurre una singola foglia

Inoltre, we have a panel of benefits characteristics and useful supplies for the house. The prima è che, in the bottom of esotericism,  is considered a plant that scaccia l’energia negative e aiuta persino a rinnovarla. On the other hand, this, in addition to the species of Dracaenas, has the capacity to purify the  ovine aria.

Come and see, have you heard a “lingua della suocera” at home is not related to a cattiva idea. Please do not attack with a single glass and start ripping when there is no single glass.

How to reproduce the language of a suocera with a single foglia?

lingua della suocera Come riprodurre una singola foglia
  1. I turned on a “language of family” sheet, say something to the house or the pentola of a friend or relative. Near the tagliare the foglia il vicino possibile al gambo , altrimenti sarà più difficile per te farlo crescere.
  2. Clean the blade only with a little water and a clean cloth  in case it has dust. If it is in optimal conditions, you don’t need to clean it.
  3. Now take a glass jar or flowerpot and wash it thoroughly. Remove dirt, dust or any other dirt that may be present.
  4. Fill the jar or vase with water and put your “mother-in-law’s tongue” leaf. Place it in a warm place where it receives natural light but not directly .
  5. In the course of the tempo began to germogliare radici. Make a crescent of approximately 4 cm and plant it in a pentola with earth. It is important that your glass has good drainage .
  6. Infine  rimettilo in your kitchen or ovunque sia broth and much well illuminated  with natural light in mode that starts to grow healthy and strong.
  7. As far as  irrigation is concerned, only here once again on the seventh day  you have only ensured that the soil has been slightly moistened. Remember that your glass should have a good drain in the way that the plant is not anneghi or marcisca.
  8. Repetite the process with all the fog that you saw and start to rebuild your home with this wonderful African plant.