Iron, with a drop it heats up more: it takes 10 minutes to iron

With just one drop of this ingredient the iron will be hotter and we will save time. Here’s what it is. During the week we find ourselves doing household chores and on the day off we have the opportunity to  iron  our clothes which have accumulated on the other days.

This task is considered one of the least appreciated by  housewives  and all those who live alone, because they see it as tiring and time-consuming.

Iron: here is the ingredient that saves us time

In fact, creases  are created on our clothes which absolutely must be ironed so as not to look sloppy and to have a decent and impeccable appearance and therefore the clothes are ironed.

However, many times some creases are stubborn and cannot be ironed as desired and therefore we have to pass our  iron  several times, so that our clothes do not show marks.

Among the most difficult clothes to iron are shirts which have always been synonymous with elegance and composure but ironing can become an impossible undertaking and a lot also depends on the quality of  ironing  .

But it also has a lot to do with how we wash these clothes. If you tend to put them all stacked in the washing machine, the weight of the water will tend to crush them and form more wrinkles.

What happens if placed inside the iron

On the market, there are different types of  irons  , from the cheapest to the most complex, including an iron capable of removing wrinkles if we put our clothes on hangers.

The laziest tend to leave their clothes at the laundromat, which also gives them the opportunity to iron certain specific items of clothing, especially if they are fabrics that we do not know how to treat.

But not everyone knows that there is an effective method to ensure that our  iron  overheats quickly and has perfect performance in carrying out its task for which we bought it.

Ironing: here’s how to make ironing easier

It has to do with an ingredient that goes inside the iron and we are talking about  wine vinegar  . With a drop of it and a little water, once our iron is overheated it will tend to release limescale residue  .

Thus, our  iron  will no longer be full of residue from the water we took from the tap (and for this reason it is advisable to use demineralized water), but will be clean and will have increased its performance.

We will see how, with just one pass, we will have completely ironed our clothes without having to pass the  iron  over them several times and immediately they will be ready to wear and will make us look good.