Just turn this hidden screw around the house 2 times to avoid high bills

By turning a hidden screw in our homes, we can avoid spending money on utility bills. That’s where it happens.

Winter  2022-2023  is bearing fruit in these weeks and many people are stuck at home with the Australian flu which never seems to go away and recovery times are quite long.

For this reason we tend to stay warm and avoid further colds and to do this, in addition to covering ourselves, we use heat sources which can be radiators  or pellet  or gas  stoves  .

Bills: here’s how to save in winter

To ensure that our illness ends soon, it is also advisable to consume warm foods and therefore various broths or concoctions such as herbal teas or chamomile tea so that we can get back in shape as quickly as possible.

But to ensure the  cold  is beaten inside our homes, we need electricity and that comes at a cost, especially in recent times when bills  have  skyrocketed.

Since the last updates, the  Meloni government  has implemented a method to ensure that electricity costs drop by up to 30% so that everyone can get the heat they want.

Bills: here's how to save

In previous months, the former  Draghi government  had issued bonuses for certain categories of citizens that provided for an increase in pensions or a reduction in the cost of electricity.

Although useful, these were of little use as they were not able to cover total consumer spending due to rising prices and the problem in the last months of 2022 worried many Italians.

For this reason, various methods were found to be able to have heat in the house, such as using aluminum foil panels behind the stoves or even there were those who cooked with the heat turned off after the water has boiled.

The screw solution

But we don’t need to be so drastic, because the solution to being able to save money and fight the  cold  these days is before our eyes, although not everyone is aware of it because they don’t never noticed it.

To avoid spending money on  electricity  to use heat, all you have to do is turn a screw that is present on our windows and which prevents air from entering the light fixtures in our homes.

In fact, many windows have  screws  that adjust the thickness between the glass and its frame and by rotating this we can make it adhere better and ensure that drafts do not enter our homes.

Bills: here's how to save

Just turn it  90°  and we will see how our problems will be solved and how our house will be warmer than before, but we need to make sure our windows have this screw.

Some have others that serve to hold the pieces together and a rotation of this could break or damage the window and we will have a completely different result than what we want to achieve.

If, on the other hand, the screw is generally located under the  windows  or in the middle  ,  we can turn it and understand if it really regulates the  glass  inside and if it prevents the cold from passing into our homes.