Just these two objects were enough to give life to something surprising.

Look closely at the image: these two objects together can create something extraordinary. Ready to discover what you can create with your own hands? You will be surprised by the final effect. DIY art rewards creativity

In a time of super waste like the one we live in,   the art of DIY   proves to be the perfect solution for   smart recycling and saving money   . How many times have you thrown away materials, even household items, that you thought were trash?

diy items

Starting today, we advise you to think twice:   everything you have at home can become a valuable resource for you   . The art of do-it-yourself is a policy that many of us should experiment with.

With the objects we have in our possession, we can   create extraordinary things   , useful for ourselves or for our home. For example, take a close look at the image we posted above –   do you know what you can do just by using these two items?

Your hands will be able to create   something dazzling   to the eyes in no time. This is how a   simple empty egg carton   and   colorful skeins of yarn    can create a beautiful craft.

The incredible thing you can create with just these two elements

DIY art saves you in many situations. Do you know what you can do with simple objects? By recycling them, you can create something amazing   . Think for example   of the egg carton   , obviously empty, and   the skein of thread   : with these two elements, what your hands can do will leave you speechless.

box and skein

Wondering what you can create? Nothing less than a   beautiful doll   ! First, take   an egg carton and start cutting it by trimming the edges   . You will see that   some mini flower pots will be created that will serve for the bust of our creation.

At this point,   take a piece of fabric and start sewing it to the side   to create a kind of bag. When you have completed this step, place one or more of the created jars with the box inside.

Now get   a ball of wool in the color you like the most   and start creating hair for your doll. What is she missing? Obviously her neck! With another piece of fabric,   she cuts out a round shape   , and as before for the bust, she begins to sew it to give it the correct appearance.

The shell from the empty egg carton will be used instead for the body of your mini pigotta. On it you will place   a lace   , for example that of shoes or better yet that of a suit that always has   brown and openwork dots   on the side, which will be the hands of our creation.

Always with this round sphere which is usually equipped with side holes, you will create   the head of your doll   : pass the wool threads inside which you will glue with a little hot glue.

At this point, place it on the body and then start   decorating your doll   . You could put, for example,   a small button, perhaps a sequin   , in your hair to make a crown.

Instead, paint the eyes, nose, and mouth  with a marker. There you go, your doll is ready. Have you seen how, with just a few recycled elements, you can create something extraordinary? This craft will not only amuse you, but also the children: work with them to achieve the so-called surprise effect.