Surprising why everyone puts 1 syringe in apples revealed

Many insert a syringe into apples. That’s why they use this method.  In our homes, usually at the end of a meal, we find ourselves eating   fruit   and in our kitchens there is always a basket or a plate containing different types of seasonal fruits.

Some of them are seasonal and can therefore only be found at a certain time of the year, while others are easily found in all seasons and are among the most consumed of all time.

Apples: This is why many people insert a syringe into them

In addition to   oranges,   lemons and   bananas,   one of the most consumed fruits is the apple, although Not  everyone    knows that it is not a real fruit but a fake fruit.

That is, what we eat is actually a   seed,   because it grows from the swelling of the floral receptacle and the true fruit of the apple is actually its   core   within which there are   seeds.

However, the   apple   has always been recognized as a fruit and has become the symbol of some important stories such as that of   Snow White,   where it was the weapon with which the evil witch put the princess to sleep.

Apples: that's why everyone puts a syringe.

Or the golden apple of discord that gave rise to the   Trojan War or the apple that gave rise to Isaac Newton   ‘s theory of gravity    , as well as many others that have become famous for playing a fundamental role.

In the market we find many types, from golden yellow to red through green and each one with different characteristics and very different flavors despite being of the same nature.

But when we bite into our apples, most of us tend to peel and slice them, leaving the   pit   intact and throwing it in the trash even though, as mentioned, it is the fruit.

The popular method on the web.

To facilitate its extraction, objects have been invented that perfectly cut the   apple   into slices by removing the   core   or we can simply do it with our knife.

However, to save time, a curious method has appeared on the web that many are adopting and that is the use of a   medical syringe  , used to make injections, but this time the needle is not used.

Removing the sharp part, we only have to take the   syringe   and also remove the part that tends to suck the blood or the product that we are going to inject and we will see how only a small piece of plastic will remain.

Apples: that's why everyone puts a syringe.

With this, by placing the part of the large hole on the small one, we will push everything onto the apple and in a very   short time the core will be trapped   inside and we will be able to eat the apple without finding seeds.

This method is very useful for those who want to eat apples   with   skin, which contain beneficial properties but it must be said that it is always better to rinse them or, if possible, disinfect them with baking soda.