Pouring egg cooking water down the sink is a bad idea: here’s why

Eggs are a valuable source of protein and are full of minerals and vitamin D, necessary components to take care of our physical health. However, what we want to highlight is the water we use to prepare them.

It’s okay to flush them down the drain, but there’s a reason some of us choose to avoid doing so.

You should know that the water used to cook eggs contains an unsuspected capacity that would benefit you if you have a garden or orchard.

boiled egg cooking water
boiled egg cooking water


Eggshells are rich in calcium and other nutrients highly appreciated by plants. The result is an excellent nutrient for your indoor and garden plants.

To use it, simply wait for the egg cooking water to cool before watering flowers and plants on your windowsills, vegetable garden or garden.

If you use the cooking water from your eggs to water your plants, do not add salt because it is harmful to the plants.


To use this source of calcium resulting from boiling eggshells, you just have to spray the soil of your plants with the cold water from the cooking.

With this information in mind, we should think twice before pouring egg cooking water down the sink.


Like the cooking water for boiled eggs, many other cooking waters are thrown down the drain despite having useful properties that can cover more than one use.

  • potato cooking water
potato cooking water
potato cooking water

The starch in potato cooking water has been found to be effective in removing dirt and dissolving grease stains.

It also happens to be a great way to unclog sinks and make your tile-like floors shine.

In addition, it shares its role as a natural fertilizer for plants with the boiled egg cooking water. And for good reason, the cooking water of potatoes provides nutrients highly appreciated by plants such as magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Important elements for the vitality and growth of plants and flowers. Potato cooking water is an ally for your garden when it’s cold to give your plants a boost.

It should also be added that the potato cooking water also works as a natural and safe herbicide. Collect your cooking water and spray it with a spray bottle on the weeds while the water is still slightly warm.

The elimination of weeds will be done thanks to the action of starch that will clog the pores of the weeds.

  • pasta cooking water

One of the first things to remember about cooking water is that it is best not to pour it down the drain.

Therefore, you can use pasta water for its starch content which will serve as a binder for your sauces. It can also be used to soak legumes, soften legumes, water plants, and even wash dishes.

Therefore, we will always remember to save some cooking water, which is not only useful for carrying out several tasks at the same time but also for our ecological footprint.

By following these few tips mentioned above, you will give a second life to your cooking water.