Laurel leaves, everyone burns in their houses: what happens will surprise you

That’s why everyone burns bay leaves at home. You’d never really expect the reason, try it!


Does everyone burn bay leaves at home and you don’t understand why? Maybe you don’t know it but it provides many benefits to our body and has been used since ancient times. Whether in the kitchen, on a graduate’s head or burned, there are countless ways to use it.

Laurel is a laurel plant and its leaves and berries contain various essential oils, fatty acids and flavonoids. Its properties are: aperitif, digestive, sudorific, anti-inflammatory, repellent, aromatic, carminative, expectorant.

Burning bay leaves at home: this is what happens

Laurel gives beneficial figures and its combustion has calming and anti-inflammatory effects. The benefits it brings to the body are many and you just have to try it to believe it. Burning bay leaves at home is a different way to relax. After a busy day it is just what you need and it is natural and non-invasive.

However, be careful because dried leaves tend to catch fire more quickly, so be careful not to burn yourself or your house. In fact, it is better to burn the leaves in a saucepan with water to avoid accidents.

burn bay leaves

The only thing you need to do is take a pot with a little water and put 2 or 3 dry bay leaves inside. We put it on very low heat and let it burn slowly. After just 10 minutes the aroma will be felt throughout the house and the effect will be a feeling of calm.

The benefits of bay leaf.

Laurel has been used since Greek times not only in cooking but also to treat diseases. The active ingredients present in laurel and particularly in the leaves act on the mind and body, promoting a feeling of relaxation. These are some of the benefits of bay leaves:

  • Helps digestion : just drink a little water where the leaves have previously been infused.
  • Promotes the stimulating action of the brain : reactivates mental fatigue.
  • Cleans the respiratory tract : thanks to its aroma it helps dissolve the deposited mucus. In this way the airways will be free of phlegm. It is recommended to leave them in hot water and inhale the aroma they give off.
  • Reduces inflammatory processes : it will always be enough to burn the bay leaves and you will have a sensation of reduced inflammation. This is due to eugenol, an active ingredient contained in the plant.
  • Strengthens immune defenses : thanks to its antioxidant properties, eugeol also supports the immune system by increasing defenses.
  • Prevents diabetes : the bay plant regulates blood sugar levels. And it also provides an antioxidant action that prevents type 2 diabetes. It is recommended to consume one to three grams of bay leaf per day.
  • Increases mindfulness : the smell released after burning a bay leaf helps to enter a state of meditation. Greater awareness is achieved and to fully benefit from this sensation it can be combined with yoga or Zen.
  • Gives relief to the stomach and colic .
  • Treats fever and cough.

But be careful because the use of this plant also has some contraindications. In fact, bay leaf has a certain toxicity and its use is contraindicated, especially in allergic subjects. This not only through ingestion but also through contact with both leaves and oils.