Dishcloths, no washing machine needed: discard 1 tablespoon | You will have them white and very clean.

Kitchen towels get dirty quickly and are never cleaned again. Here is the unbeatable method to remove all stains.

Kitchen towels are essential in the kitchen, they are elements that you cannot do without. They are used to dry dishes but also to help you take hot dishes without burning yourself. They help when necessary to clean the kitchen counter or dining room table. In short, they are objects that cannot be missing in the kitchen.

They are often hung in the kitchen or placed against the oven to match the rest of the kitchen. However, these tend to get dirty very quickly. In fact, very little is needed to dye them quickly and irreversibly. One ragù or oil stain and the marks will never disappear.

But there are actually some tricks that will help you clean kitchen towels without using bleach or the washing machine. Come and discover how to remove stains without commercial detergents.

Removing stains from kitchen towels has never been so easy

For the trick that we reveal to you, it is necessary to act before washing with simple baking soda. In fact, all you have to do is submerge the kitchen towels in a container full of hot water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Then you have to let them act for approximately half a day and then proceed to wash them, either in a washing machine or by hand.

cleaning rags

Before washing them, however, another tip is to put a few drops of dish detergent on the stains and rub. If you decide to continue washing in the washing machine, it is best not to fill the basket with a stopper and program the wash at 40°. To help completely remove stains you can also add powdered detergent with active oxygen.

Other ways to clean kitchen rags: without bleach

There are also other methods but it is not recommended to use bleach  . It is often thought that using bleach leaves clothes very clean and very white. But this is not always the case because one of the disadvantages is that it tends to yellow the clothes during washing. Therefore, it is not enough to use bleach to get clean clothes.

In fact, you can replace bleach with natural substances that are more delicate and less invasive. For example, you can use white vinegar  . Simply dilute it with water and let the cloths soak for at least overnight. Only after soaking, rubbing and putting it in the washing machine.

Or you can use water that is boiled with two slices of lemon and two slices of lime. Immerse this water in a container and submerge the kitchen towels, let it sit for at least a couple of hours and then put it in the washing machine.

cleaning rags

But the method that works best to have very clean kitchen towels as if they were new is this:

Get these ingredients: 50 ml of white vinegar, 60 g of grated Marseille soap and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Preparation: boil a saucepan with water with baking soda and vinegar and only then add the soap. Mix over low heat until you obtain a very foamy mixture. Then just pour the mixture obtained into a container and immerse the cloths in it.

Let soak for at least 8 hours and then scrub with cold water. In this way and with simple ingredients it will be possible to obtain clean kitchen cloths without using detergent.

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