Vinegar, not in the kitchen but in the bedroom: just a small glass in the closet | Your clothes will thank you.

Vinegar has a thousand properties, it is useful in the kitchen for preparing a thousand delicious dishes, but also for cleaning.

It is used to  degrease pots and dishes  , to disinfect surfaces and polish them. In short, it is considered  a natural remedy  for any problem and for all situations.

That is why it is not surprising that it is said that vinegar  can also be stored in the cupboard  . Whoever tries to add even just one glass  will no longer be able to do without it.

A glass of vinegar, a thousand advantages

A glass of vinegar  , or in some cases just half a glass, can change your life. Simply pour 120 ml into the washing machine, replacing your usual detergent, to ensure that the washed clothes are  perfectly clean  . Anyone who uses bleach to dye or perfume will realize how useless and overly aggressive it can be. There are natural products that work even better.

Vinegar instead of detergent washes  , degreases and sanitizes deeply,  so it may no longer be necessary to use aggressive chemicals even to  remove sweat stains  . In fact, it can be used to  pre-treat clothes  by mixing it with a little water and spreading it over the stains before putting the clothes in the washing machine. At the end of the wash they will be perfect, shiny and fragrant.

A small bowl containing a little vinegar,  placed on the windowsill,  can scare away insects. This is thanks to the pungent and pungent smell. In short, a perfect solution, which  does not require the use of industrial products harmful  to our health, but which allows us to achieve the same objective. Instead,  pouring two tablespoons of vinegar into the cooking water for the eggs  prevents them from breaking during cooking or becoming deformed.

Vinegar in the cupboard, that’s why.

Every year,  during the change of season,  any woman empties her closet completely, and takes the opportunity to clean it carefully. In reality, it is advisable to clean it at least once a month, but no one does it because no one usually has much free time.

Therefore, if you want to eliminate parasites that may be present in wooden furniture, there is a quick and optimal solution that you can try, which has no cost and does not require who knows how much time.

Simply prepare a product, directly at home, in a do-it-yourself solution, to obtain an incredible and exclusive result. The solution is prepared with vinegar  , which  eliminates any parasites from the clothes so as not to ruin them. Vinegar is also used to freshen cabinets that smell woody or foul-smelling.

How to prepare the solution with vinegar.

First, clean the surfaces with a soft cloth moistened with vinegar. Then let the cabinet dry very well. When the surfaces are completely dry, take an empty spray bottle and fill it by pouring  180 ml of vinegar inside  . Cold water is then added to fill the rest of the empty bottle.

Here’s how to use vinegar solution on interior cabinets and drawers.

At this point it is best to spray the solution directly inside the closet or drawers, because it is also good for dressers. Then wipe with a cloth to dry.

Bad odor from closets is easily transmitted to clothing,  which is a problem because it rarely disappears. If the cabinets have been recently cleaned, simply refresh the cabinet with a cloth, leave it open for a while, and then pour  half a glass of white vinegar  . In this case it is advisable to leave the doors closed, because the vinegar will absorb all the bad odors. You have to do it for a whole night, the next day  you only need to open a door  to be pleasantly surprised