Laurel under the pillow: the ancient grandparents’ custom that did not deserve to be forgotten

Laurel is a plant used since ancient times, considered sacred by the Greeks and Romans who used it to adorn the heads of poets and leaders as a symbol of wisdom and glory. Not surprisingly, it is still used today to encircle the heads of students reaching the coveted milestone of graduation.

Today we will list all the virtues of this wonderful plant, listing all the reasons why it is a good idea to sleep with a bay leaf under the bed.

In addition to being most useful in the kitchen, laurel has always been used in traditional medicine because of its many properties. It helps improve digestion and relieve colic and abdominal bloating, but it also has expectorant properties useful against fever and colds.

It is also recommended for relieving the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as having insect and pest repellent properties.

In addition, laurel is also an excellent remedy that helps us sleep better and more throughout the night.

This plant has an anti-stress action, which promotes a state of relaxation and helps us rest better.

To enjoy this benefit just put a few bay leaves directly under your pillow, perhaps tying them together with a string. You will see that the benefits of this wonderful plant will not be long in coming.