Learn how to reproduce a “mother-in-law tongue” with a single leaf

We teach you how you can reproduce a beautiful “mother-in-law’s tongue” from a single leaf and thus have many more pots of this beautiful plant full of benefits for your home.

Dracaena trifasciata, scientifically called Sansevieria trifasciata but better known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” or “snake’s tongue,” is a species of the genus Dracaena native to tropical West Africa as far as Nigeria and east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This species has become an extremely popular and common indoor plant because in addition to looking beautiful inside the house and decorating any corner, they are very easy to care for.

Mother-in-law’s tongue How to reproduce a single leaf

In addition, they have a couple of characteristic and quite useful benefits for the home. The first is that, in the undergrowth of esotericism, it is considered a plant that drives away negative energy and even helps renew it. On the other hand, this, along with other Dracaenas species, has the ability to purify the air everywhere.

As you can see, having more than one “mother-in-law’s tongue” at home is not a bad idea at all. So don’t stick with a single pot and start reproducing as many as you want from a single leaf.

How to reproduce a mother-in-law’s tongue from a single leaf?

mother-in-law’s tongue How to reproduce a single leaf

Take a “mother-in-law’s tongue” leaf, either from one you have at home or from a friend’s or relative’s pot. Try to cut the leaf as close to the stem as possible, otherwise it will be harder for you to grow it.

Limpia la hoja solo con un poco de agua y un trapito limpio en caso de que tenga polvo. Si esta en condiciones óptimas no hace falta que la limpies.

Ahora toma un frasco de vidrio o una floreo y lávalo perfectamente. Retira tierra, polvo o cualquier otra suciedad que pueda tener.

Llena el frasco o florero con agua y pon tu hoja de “lengua de suegra”. Colócala en lugar cálido donde reciba luz natural pero no de manera directa.

Over time roots will begin to sprout. Wait until they grow about 4 cm and plant it in a pot with soil. It is important that your pot has good drainage.

Finally put it back in your kitchen or wherever it is warm and very well lit with natural light so that it starts to grow healthy and strong.

As for watering, only water once a week because you just need to make sure the soil is slightly moist. Remember that your pot must have good drainage so that the plant does not drown or rot.

Repeat the process with as many leaves as you want and start filling your home with this wonderful African plant.