7 tips you can not miss to successfully grow fig trees in pots

In the garden, on the terrace, at balcony level and even in your apartment, the potted fruit tree can be placed anywhere! Discover our 7 tips for the successful cultivation of this fruit tree in a pot.

Choosing the ideal pot for the fig tree

Before you plant a fig tree, you need to find the ideal container. After all, it will be the base of your tree, it must be comfortable and sufficient to accommodate it and watch it grow. Therefore, the pot should be large enough for the plant to grow in, but not too large, as this can lead to excessive root growth. Opt for a terracotta pot that allows good air and water circulation.

Use a suitable potting soil

The fig tree prefers fertile, well-drained soil . For the ideal soil , you should use a mixture of potting soil , sand and compost to create a fertile , well-drained soil . The root system of your shrub will feel comfortable there and stay healthy. A good substrate greatly reduces the risk of fig diseases .

Place the fig tree in a pot in a sunny location.

You don’t have to be a gardener to know that exposure requirements apply to all plants. Whether indoors or out, fig trees need at least six hours of sunlight per day to produce tasty fruit. Place the plant in a sunny location to keep its foliage green.

Know how to water properly

Watering a fig tree is part of its care, contributing to its fruitfulness and providing other benefits to your health. Fig trees need to be watered regularly, especially during the growing season. Make sure your plant’s soil stays moist, but not soggy. Above all, prevent water from stagnating in the pot by raising the pot on wedges to allow excess water to drain away more easily.

Fertilize this fruit tree properly

It is not enough to plant a fruit tree to make it happy and brave, you must also take care to provide it with the nutrients it needs. In the ground it already needs fertilizer, so in a pot the need is even greater. To promote plant growth and fruit set, a balanced fertilizer with high potassium content should be used .

How to prune the potted fig tree?

Trees and shrubs need to be pruned regularly to prevent them from becoming too invasive. Your potted fig tree is no exception. So remove dead or damaged branches to encourage new branch growth. Also prune the plant to maintain its size and shape. In this case, you have a choice. When pruning, don’t hesitate to take cuttings from your fig tree .

Protect your potted fig tree from the cold in winter.

If you live in a cold region, protect the fig tree in winter by placing it indoors or covering it with insulating material. It is possible to wrap the tree in a winter veil and cover its base to prevent its roots from freezing. Remember that figs are native fruit trees of the Mediterranean .