Like having a very warm mattress all night long

You’ve probably felt a little cold in bed and maybe that’s why you couldn’t sleep. Going to bed and   finding a cold mattress is certainly not pleasant.

However, there are some habits you can adopt to  improve the temperature of your bed  and make it more comfortable when it’s time to sleep.

Follow the tricks listed below to  heat the mattress in winter  and sleep better and longer.

Place a blanket under the sheets

Blankets are an obvious and quick solution to the cold. However, there is a way to use them that allows us to stay even warmer.

By placing a thick blanket between the sheet and the bedspread, we create a kind of thermal barrier between us and the mattress. Blankets are able to absorb body heat at night.

Place a hot water bottle

The classic trick is also one of the most effective: if we put a hot water bottle on the bed a few minutes before going to bed, we will stay warm for several hours.

This method is particularly effective for warming a specific point on the bed, such as the foot area.

Use a seed chiller

This trick is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that we put seeds and not water in the bag.

Heat the seeds in the microwave and immediately place them in the bag. The seeds retain heat better than water and do not leave a feeling of heat or humidity.

Warm up the bed with a hairdryer

It is neither the cheapest nor the most durable solution, but perfect in case we cannot use any of the tricks described above.

On a particularly cold night, you can warm the bed with a hairdryer a few seconds before bed.

There are many other habits that can be very helpful, such as drinking a relaxing herbal tea or a cup of warm milk before bed. This habit increases body temperature.