Makeup with fabric softener and vinegar to clean and polish any type of floor

When cleaning your home it is very important to have the right resources and the right products to keep it clean and sparkling. However, it is not always possible, because some products, instead of helping, can actually have the opposite effects.

It happens, for example, when you choose the wrong product to  clean a certain type of floor  . Not to mention the chemical and toxic substances contained in industrial cleaning products.

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that are equally effective in cleaning, that are not harmful and, above all, can be used on  almost all types of floors  .

This is the case of vinegar, a food product that is also one of the most important and versatile allies in home cleaning.

Vinegar has degreasing and disinfectant properties, capable of  removing any type of dirt from the floor  and  , at the same time, eliminating germs and bacteria. Combining it with fabric softener you can obtain a   highly effective floor cleaner .

All you have to do is dilute a capful of fabric softener and 140 ml of white vinegar in a bucket full of warm water. Then mop as usual.

You will notice how, when you mop the floor, it will be very clean and shiny. Let the floor dry for a few minutes before walking on it.