Making tea: Don’t make this mistake again!

A tea infusion is the consolation that the body deserves in this winter season, in which the body is put to the test. It not only keeps you warm, but also provides a feeling of well-being and calm. As an alternative to coffee or milk, tea can be had for breakfast or as a snack. To get the most out of your favorite drink, you must know how to prepare it…

Infusing the tea: Don’t make this mistake again!

It may surprise you, but there are some specific rules you should follow when making tea. According to a content creator on Tik Tok, you should not immerse the tea bag directly in boiling water.

Instead, you have to pull on both ends and tighten them. These are the two strands that appear on the packaging. Thanks to this process, you will be able to release the flavor of the tea.

What should I consider?

The tea infusion should not be done in a hurry. In fact, according to Eastern culture, the preparation of tea is a true wellness ritual. Respecting this tradition, the benefits for your well-being are innumerable. Renew the body and spirit.

Ideally, take the time to smell the tea and sip the hot drink. You can also opt for the loose leaf version, which you can buy at herbal stores.

To enjoy a good cup of tea, use fresh, demineralized water. This way, the tea will be light, great tasting and free of lime.