Kitchen paper roll: never use on the decorated side

Kitchen paper rolls are an essential monthly purchase in every home. It is used for everything from cooking to eating. While we can all feel safe using kitchen rolls, there is an important caveat. Manufacturers advise against using the kitchen paper roll on the decorated side, precisely for this reason.

Brief description of this hygiene accessory

The absorbent paper roll can be made with natural fibers such as cellulose derived from wood or other plant components. It may also contain recycled materials or be produced through an eco-sustainable process.

This roll has excellent absorption capacity and heat resistance. It can be used to protect work areas, cover food in the oven or clean up food spills.

In all cases, it is a household paper that can be safely used on food. In general, you should not impregnate food with toxic substances.

Kitchen paper roll: never use the decorated side

“Use the non-printed side” is the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, you may see the message “Guaranteed for contact with food.” The only thing to remember is to be careful with the inked side that can come into contact with food.

Dyes such as inks and non-food chemicals can be transferred to food if they come into contact with it. However, it should be noted that the health risk is not that great, but the manufacturer must mention this warning.