Dirty toilet brush: this Japanese technique will make it like new again

A stuck toilet brush is perfectly normal as it is in direct contact with the bottom of the bowl. However, this is where our physiological needs are discharged, not to mention the limescale caused by hard water. So it is perfectly normal for this toilet maintenance tool to be infected with germs and bacteria. To disinfect it easily and without headaches or discomfort, here is the secret of the Japanese method.

Dirty toilet brush: it will be like new again with this Japanese technique

To use this Japanese method, you will need a pair of gloves and a mask. You are now on your way to disinfecting your brush intelligently.

To do this, you will need citric acid. It is a powder with an effective degreasing and sanitizing action capable of removing the most stubborn dirt.

Pour plenty of citric acid onto the toilet brush;
Submerge it in the toilet and let it sit for an hour;
Turn the brush and that’s it;
Do it several times a month.
With this trick, you will not only be able to disinfect the toilet brush, but also eliminate bad odors and dirt from the toilet. This is possible thanks to the powerful disinfectant action of citric acid.

How to eliminate bad odors from the toilet?

The natural solution to neutralize bad odors caused by limescale and blockages is baking soda. It involves pouring a generous amount of this powder into the bottom of the cup.

Next, add vinegar to create foam. Wait a few hours or even overnight. Finally, pour boiling water to eliminate bad odors.