Mix coffee and acetone, which is why housewives often do it.

Do coffee and acetone seem like two distant ingredients? However, housewives cannot do without them: they are used in this way. Cleaning the house   is always a race against time and the products available are not always useful. In most cases, detergents rich in preservatives or chemical agents are used that damage the surfaces, leaving rings and stains of all kinds. Cleaning experts have found a unique mixture that brings together two completely opposite but commonly used ingredients:   coffee and acetone.  What if they were mixed? Let’s find out now.

Coffee and acetone, the perfect mix of cleaning experts

Cleaning experts   always help to find particular but perfect mixtures for cleaning, without resorting to cheap products rich in chemical agents, sometimes even corrosive. Those who want impeccable cleaning of surfaces resort to the mixture of coffee and acetone, with an excellent final result.

The ingredients are :

  • ½ cup of coffee
  • ½ cup of acetone
  • 1 tablespoon liquid soap
coffee and acetone

Once you have all these ingredients ready, proceed as follows:

  • Take a clean glass container
  • Pour cold liquid coffee (without sugar)
  • Pour 1/2 cup of acetone
  • Mix well until all ingredients are mixed
  • Then add the liquid soap.
  • Mix again until you obtain a single substance.

At this point, the mixture should be poured into a spray bottle, shaking it again so that all the ingredients take effect.

What is the coffee and acetone mixture for: uses and tips

The   properties of these three ingredients   are very important and are mainly used for steel surfaces. It is a powerful mixture to remove all scale that has settled on pots and pans.

clean steel

What is the best way to use   this substance?  Simply spray a generous dose on the part to be descaled and wait a few minutes for it to take effect. Immediately afterwards, take a dish sponge and scrub vigorously until the scale is removed.

The same goes for the   steel hood   , which can be cleaned and descaled with this mixture of coffee and acetone. It is used in the same way, in fact it will be enough to spray the mixture directly on the surface and wait a few seconds. Then clean with a sponge and remove all the grease deposited during the week. Rinse with a clean cloth and finish with a dry cloth.

In short, mixing   coffee and acetone   with a splash of dish soap will remove all types of grease and burns from steel. It can be used every day without any fear, always making sure to recreate it before using it.