How to have a super cool mattress all night

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Every summer, high temperatures, especially during heat waves, can make for long, sleepless nights. Sometimes the bed feels like an oven, with a burning mattress that almost never cools down.

Keeping the house cool is essential to prevent the mattress from heating up to the point of preventing us from sleeping. However, sometimes even air conditioning is not enough and that is why the following tips on   how to cool a mattress   can be really helpful.

Use cotton sheets

As obvious as it may seem, it never hurts to remember this: in summer, forget about flannel sheets or synthetic materials. The best sheets to use are cotton ones, which should be washed as often as possible.

Apply the Egyptian method

You have probably already applied or heard of the Egyptian method of cooling the bed. It consists of moistening a large towel or sheet and covering yourself with it. Don’t forget to apply another towel thick enough on the bed to avoid wetting it.

Freeze the leaves

This trick can be a real godsend on the hottest nights. Put the leaves in a bag and leave them in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. Make the bed and you will feel what a relief. They won’t last all night, but long enough to induce a deep sleep.

Check humidity

If the room is too humid, it will be impossible to sleep. You will probably need to use a dehumidifier. This device will not only help dry out the humidity in the room, but also reduce the heat.