Lemons, why soak them in salt: grandmothers’ old trick

Lemons: This is why citrus fruits should be soaked in a saline solution. It’s our grandmothers thing.

Concentrated in vitamin C and antioxidants beneficial to the human body, lemon   is   a citrus to keep in your food reserves. It is the perfect ingredient to prepare an excellent juice or to flavor drinks or dishes. Although you can buy lemon juice, it is always good to prepare it with natural and perfectly preserved citrus fruits. Once picked or bought at the market stall or supermarket, lemons must be preserved perfectly to avoid the formation of mold.

Storing lemons in the refrigerator may   not be the best solution, as the refrigerator temperature could dehydrate the lemons and “dry out” the citrus peel. What’s the best way to store lemons when you have a lot of them? Let’s find out.

Lemons: why does mold form?

Mold often forms on lemons. The origin of mold formation depends on climatic conditions, but also on the harvesting and distribution phases of citrus fruits. If lemons are damaged during the shipping process, the citrus fruits themselves are susceptible to mold growth.


Even the acidic PH itself    makes lemons more susceptible to fungal spores, which proliferate more in environments characterized by acidity.  Green mold  attacks lemons the most, but it does not make them absolutely poisonous or harmful to touch or smell. How to store lemons in such a way as to avoid the formation of blue or green mold? Let’s find out.

store lemons

Lemons: this is how they are stored and avoid spore attack

Lemons are citrus fruits that can be preserved at home naturally, without fungi attacking them and forming mold. There is a method to follow that allows you to preserve lemons in a completely natural way.

When purchasing a supply of lemons, simply cut the citrus into slices and place them in a   bowl filled with water and salt.  Once the container is closed, it is good to shake it and proceed to preserve these citrus fruits for months and months.

Another valid tip and natural remedy to preserve lemon broths and prevent the formation of mold is to wash and soak them with baking soda and water to eliminate bacteria and counteract the   formation  of mold. It’s a good idea to dry them well to prevent moisture from contributing to mold growth.

Once clean and dry, it is advisable to put the lemons in a   sanitized container   , possibly sealed, to prevent the fungi from coming into contact with the skin and the formation of green or blue mold. Another good remedy is to store lemons in a paper bag at room temperature or in the refrigerator.