Putting a clothespin in the air conditioning: an unthinkable saving

How to save? A clothespin directly on the air conditioner will be enough and costs will decrease.

How much are car maintenance costs   and more   ? Sometimes you wonder if there are tips to save money, insure the vehicle and also be able to take advantage of essential accessories for the summer such as air conditioning. Today, consumption is moving towards very high spending, precisely in view of the clash between Russia and Ukraine. The   consequences of this clash   are concrete and palpable, between expensive bills and fuel bills. Speaking of which, let’s look at how a simple laundry account can save money.

Air conditioning on, how much does this affect consumption?

Air conditioning influences   home consumption   , but what about the car, how should this consumption be considered? There are different studies and surveys on the subject, but few know that this tool is an active vehicle safety system.

clothe pins

When the temperatures outside are scorching, turning on the air conditioning means you can get help managing   your vehicle and the road.  A hot and exhausted driver is definitely not focused and cannot drive at his best.

Obviously the air conditioning has a   consumption   that affects the car and its components. It works thanks to the energy transmitted by the engine, as well as all the available components.

Automotive air conditioning

If you put the choke on, the car loses a little speed and consumes more fuel (it also depends on the vehicle). If you want to maintain speed standards, you will have to increase the pressure and step on   the accelerator.

To understand exactly what the consumption is, we must refer to the type of car: route traveled and, obviously, speed. The truth is that approximately 1 euro is spent on fuel for 10 euros on supplies and so on.

Clothespin in the air conditioner to save money

Saving money doesn’t mean not   turning on the air conditioning   and driving in the scorching heat. However, long trips should be safe and the driver calm and attentive, even when there are other travelers in the car. If the air conditioning system is serviced at least once a year, the air could become stale.

There is a simple and quick method that   saves on fuel costs   (because if the air does not circulate correctly, consumption is higher) but also on air freshener costs.

Simply take a   wooden tong   and drop a drop of your favorite essential oil. Immediately afterwards, it is connected to the air conditioning outlet and the cabin is left fresh, healthy and fragrant.

Wooden stake for air conditioning

A little trick that helps   you drive better,   puts you in a good mood and makes the trip pleasant even for car passengers. This system can be adopted always, changing the clip approximately once a month.