Mix dishwashing liquid with toothpaste and everything will shine from head to toe.

Not everyone knows that combining dish soap with toothpaste gives a brilliant result. That is how.

For   personal hygiene   and for our   home   , we use products that are on the market and sometimes we tend to differentiate those of the person from those of other items such as tableware.

But not everyone knows that sometimes certain products can be combined with each other and give results that no one had thought of and that you can no longer do without once you have tried them.

Toothpaste: this is why it is useful to combine it with dishwashing liquid

For this reason, videos or advice from housewives are made on the web   so   that others, around the world, can follow their teachings and thoroughly clean their homes.

It also serves to avoid wasting strength and energy by eliminating   stubborn dirt   that sneaks into our   dishes   and pans and that cannot be removed even with the strongest degreasers.

For this reason, you are trying to combine two products that have nothing in common if you think that   dishwasher detergent     was created to leave our dishes shiny and clean.

Toothpaste: what happens if it is mixed with cleanser?

For the rest,   toothpaste   is used for oral hygiene and serves to keep teeth white and prevent cavities and tartar that could settle in our mouth and between our teeth.

That is why we usually do not combine the two products because the purposes are different although, thinking about it, both have to do with the digestive system   because   the dishes are used for our dishes and the toothpaste for our blocked ones.

The procedure

In many, they combined the two   ingredients,   putting one part   toothpaste   and a little   dish detergent   in a bowl, combining them with a little   water   , and then straining everything into a   bottle.

Sprinkling the mixture on a   burnt or encrusted pan   , we will see how, with the help of an   abrasive sponge   , stubborn dirt as well as all encrustations will be removed, without any effort.

In addition, the solution can also be poured on the   stove   and in the   kitchen   to remove all the dirt that may arise when cooking our food and we will see how we will have a wonderful and shiny result.

Toothpaste: what happens if it is mixed with cleanser?

In fact, the   fluoride contained in   the   toothpaste   will act with the components of the detergent, activating an  antibacterial   and   shiny action   that will benefit our dishes, especially if they are made of   aluminum.

To have   sparkling dishes   and remove all traces of   stubborn dirt,   just follow this tip that drives women around the world crazy and can’t do without it.

But be careful with toothpaste, you should not abuse it and it is always advisable to use a   neutral one   and not a particular flavor that is not appreciated both for its flavor and its fragrance.

These tricks  to save the home   , today, are very widespread on the web and just one navigation is enough to discover all these   grandmother’s secrets   .